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About Myself

Hi! My name is Odelami Emmanuel and I am an undergraduate student of the University of Ilorin, am in my penultimate year, Bsc. mathematics.

My Aim

I am an aspiring 3D/CG Artist, it's my dream to run a 3D Animation Studio to enhance the African Movie Industry. Presently in my artworks, I major on Architectural Visualization still images. But I want to explore new waters, I want to dive into Real-time Animation and the integration of 3D characters/Assets into Real-time Movies.
To achieve this, I need your support, I need to put in for extra trainings to enhance and improve my artistry.

Brief Overview

Computer Generated Imagery has overwhelmed the Movie Industry world by storm. It's been practically used in action movies and commonly found in every other genres as well.
It offers directors and producers the ability and freedom to manipulate time and space in movie making, thus creating an Illusion of Reality.

Obvious examples of CGI movies are Alvin and the Chipmunks, Doctor Strange, Games Thrones, Iron Man, Age of Ultron, and Avatar to mention few.
CGI has been used in breathtaking movies and has helped bring Artistic Imaginations to reality in the Hollywood Industry, My Goal is to learn more about Computer Generated Imagery and how to integrate it into Movies.

Creating photorealistic CG images can be both stressful and time consuming, it requires high end gadgets to overcome the long rendertime, Also the costs of Professional Training Courses are quite expensive, The least cost of 3D professional training costs $660.
This is where you come into the equation, with your support I can improve my CGI skills and start working on shirt films, feature films and even real time movies and broadcasts. Creating Higher Resolution Images, and Movies.

Where your Money Goes?

At first, Most of the money will be directed towards acquiring and maintaining inventories, securing a location. But as the support grows, I will get to set up a website. I'll get to create more and more exciting projects.
All the donations would be used mainly for Training purposes.


I would create short films and feature films periodically, specially to to appreciate your support.
Also as time goes on, I would include tangible rewards like 3D printed assets, etc for our patreons.

My desire is to devote myself full-time to creating awesome contents. I want to spend my entire time improving my skills. By supporting me you will be helping me strive towards the actualization of my dreams.
And for this reason, I say Thank You!

Contact Information
[email protected]

Yours faithfully
$0 of $10 per month
When I reach $10 per month, I would create a concept art that includes the name of all patreon and I would upload it to all my social media
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