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We'll Do It Live
$250 per month
2 live public studio sessions per week
We'll Do It Live 2.0
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3 live public studio sessions per week
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Hi - Firstly, thanks for stopping by my Patreon page, that's enough to already put a smile on my face.

About me ..
I have been writing/performing music since the joyful age of 11 when I received my first guitar as a Christmas present from my parents, from there I have learned to appreciate the Piano/Bass/Drums to name just a few. But over the last 3 years my journey has turned to electronic music, composition and production, taking all the joy and fun that I picked up from my "real world/wood and strings" music and turning that in to making 1's and 0's for everyone to hear ..

What you will be part of ..
My aim is to create a vibrant and active online community (http://ekayi.com) built up by people who just love music - that could be to listen to it, create it, review it - you name it! With my music/creations being the "oil in the engine" so to speak, allowing me to grow as a musician and the community to grow as a group.

How often do I release a song ..
You can expect to see 2+ songs or musical adventures a week.

A helping hand ..
If you like what I do, please consider giving me a dollar or two, or whatever you feel comfortable with, this will help me reach my ultimate goal and ambition of hanging up the suit and tie and focusing on what matters (giving you guys top quality music of course .. )

http://ekayi.com / http://soundcloud.com/ekayi
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