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  • Thank you for supporting my work! :)
  • This is the minimum amount that Patreon accepts, that will get you in the comments and the discussion. It's a more quiet, friendlier place to talk than in the Steam comments page.
    I can use the Patreon comments feature to interact directly with everyone, take suggestions, answer queries, and be as interactive as possible!
  • I will enter your name in the "Patreon_Supporters.txt" file in the mod, and also in the mod description in Steam.


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    • I am very grateful to you for your support. 
    • If you want, I will add you in my friends list on Steam and we can talk in an even more quiet/friendly setting about the mod, the game, other games, etc. I love brainstorming and picking people's brains. Two (or more) minds always come up with better ideas than one. The necromancer is the result of many suggestions and ideas, and picking the best of them. With Patreon your ideas get a precedence over the Steam comments.
    • Includes everything from previous tiers

      Skill improvement

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      Thank you so much!!
      • Pick any existing skill and suggest an improvement. It's in! :)
        (I'm not giving up my freedom, mind you, but I love sharing ideas, and that's what this is.)
      • For example, if you want to remove Raise Zombie, that would be a no. But if you want to remove... say... Soul Spear, yea, let's talk. What do you have in mind? :)
      • Includes everything from previous tiers



        About Ekscom

        I am the author of the Necromancer Class mod for XCom2:
        Vanilla: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails...
        WotC: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137913176

        I have many plans for expansion of the mod, such as new skills, new classes, more everything, and the coolest thing: a new Faction, called Mystics, who are fascinated with the Lost. It will have Cover Ops, Orders, all centered on uncovering the secrets of the Lost.

        I was only able to get WotC thanks to donations and Patreon support as my finances are not looking good. I will be using the Patreon contributions to make my life a bit more relaxed, and to be able to get rid of real life problems. I love modding and will be doing it all the time, but I don't have time. And that's where Patreon comes in. Please check out the rewards I offer and support the development of future improvement and mods.

        Thank you so much for your support and contribution. :)

        Some people prefer to just donate without the Patreon rewards and interaction. Here's a PayPal link: PayPal.Me/Ekscom
        9% complete
        Goals 1 and 2 were completed through donations that don't show on Patreon. Moving forward! :)
        Goal 3: Me and Patrons will review all skills on the Necromancer, replacing ones that are not not very popular, with better spells taken from the DLCs arsenal.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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