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is creating transformations via intuitive visionary art & whimsy doodles

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🌸The Fancier🌸 (MYR4.50)
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You are the witness to the extension of my whimsical art world!

Studio Stories
  • Announcements about what I'm working on in the studio
  • Peek into Lens from my studio (Lens is Patreon equivalent of Instagram Stories)

Work In Progress
  • Early First Looks: work in progress before I post them anywhere else!

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  • Early access to my news & offers before I post them anywhere else on my website & social medias
  • Sneak peeks on new products & shop updates

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🌻The Enthusiast🌻 (MYR22)
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You'll be a part of my inner circle!

You'll get a deeper peek into my creative universe. I'll be sharing about things I do that are not just about art, but also of my other creative pursuits that make up my everyday life as a full time artist.
(my plants & garden, my cats, diaries & events happening at my creative coliving space The Hatchery Place)

🌻 Includes all rewards for The Fancier, plus:

🌻 10% off my online store

🌻 Art Tutorials
  • PDF downloads, step-by-step instructions as downloadable PDFs
  • Time Lapse painting videos to learn together with me

🌻 Exclusive Access to my Art Life
  • My monthly Spotify Painting Playlists
  • My art hauls & unboxings
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Monthly Podcast or Vlog where we get cozy with a cuppa & have a little catch-up on what I've been up to!
  • Personal posts where I share my thoughts on art and life and what it's like being a full-time artist & co-founder of a creative coliving space
🌹The Believer🌹 (MYR43)
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per month
Welcome to my inner headspace!

Thank you for believing in me, my art, my pursuits and my visions. May I invite you into my inner world, get to know the deeper me, what fuse my inspirations, my musings, questions I ponder about, poetries I write, and more.

🌹 Includes all rewards for The Fancier & The Enthusiast, plus:

🌹 15% off my online store (www.thatblackcat.com)

🌹 Exclusive digital art downloads

🌹 Exclusive Access to my Inner Creative World
  • I'll share about books & articles I read & recommend
  • Other artists that I follow & admire
  • My Poetries & Art Journals
  • Resources of what I'm learning in art, so you'll also learn together with me if you're up for it
  • Sketches & ideas, work in progress before I post them anywhere else!
    More photos of my process, unseen art, materials of inspirations and my studio shots that I don't share anywhere else. Treat this an intimate look at my art diary & insights.
  • I may surprise you once in a while with something in the mail if you're living in Malaysia (please provide me your current address)!

🌼The Rooter🌼 (MYR86)
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per month
Thank you for rooting for me🌼🌼!

Allow me to share my secrets, intuitive works, creative experiments, learning process, my personal growth pursuits, my spiritual life, meditation insights, challenges, vulnerable stories, my whole person as I build my life journey with you alongside. You deserve an exclusive sticker for supporting me!

🌼 Includes all rewards for The Fancier, The Enthusiasts & The Believer, plus:

🌼 20% off my online store (www.thatblackcat.com)

🌼 Monthly art surprise from me!

  • I ship worldwide a little something in the mail for you every month (may be prints, bookmarks, postcards, etc)

🌼 Exclusive Access to my Spiritual Life Kaleidoscope

  • Raw look into my creative play & experiments and other stuff I'm doing that I don't show the world
  • Part 2 of any Podcasts/Vlogs I made for other tiers, where I will be diving deeper into messages of my artwork & why I paint something. Also will share my struggles in certain painting process & how I overcome them
  • My meditation insights & how they play a role in my intentional intuitive paintings, my process when creating intuitive art & inspirations
  • Personal posts where I share my thoughts on healing through art, confronting emotional issues via art, manifesting change & visions in life, and topics about energy, consciousness, spirituality & transformations
Exclusive Sticker
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Sticker in the mail - after 3 months of being The Rooter!
😻The Art BFF!😻 (MYR215)
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We are totally ART BFFs😻💖😽!!

You have access & rewards to everything from all the tiers before you! And you definitely deserve a personalized mini original art from me, an exclusive sticker and a mug to go with my endless warm virtual hugs for you!

😻 Includes all rewards for The Fancier, The Enthusiast, The Believer & The Rooter, plus:

😻 25% off my online store (www.thatblackcat.com)

😻 Monthly art surprise from me!

  • I ship worldwide a little something in the mail for you every month (may be prints, bookmarks, postcards, etc)

😻 Exclusive Monthly Virtual Meet

  • One-on-one 40min Live Hangout on Google Meet monthly for any topic
  • You may use this as Q&A, paint together or a guided intuitive painting session (This is your perfect opportunity to ask anything about painting, intuitive art, running an art business, my cats, getting started and growing on a creative life, Malaysia & events I organize, designing a conscious lifestyle, plants, being a creative coliving host, The Hatchery Place ... anything you'd like to know!)

😻 An Original Personalized Painting

  • 20cm x 20cm (7.9"x7.9") canvas painting from me every 3 months
Exclusive Merch
Fulfilled by Patreon
  • Exclusive Sticker - Sticker in the mail - after 3 months of being my ART BFF!
  • Exclusive Mug - Be a proud owner of The Art BFF Mug!
🧚The Fairy Godparent🧚 (RM1288)
Limited (3 remaining)
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You have access & rewards to everything on all tiers! And you definitely deserve a personalized original art from me, an exclusive stickera mug and a hoodie to go with my endless warm virtual hugs for you! 

🧚 Includes all rewards for The Fancier, The Enthusiast, The Believer ,The Rooter & The Art BFF, plus:

🧚 An Original Personalized Painting
  • 50cm x 50cm (20"x20") canvas painting from me every 3 month
Exclusive Merch
Fulfilled by Patreon
  • Exclusive Mug - The Fairy GodParent mug exclusively for you!
  • Exclusive Sticker - The Fairy Godparent sticker - exclusively for you!
  • Exclusive Hoodie - A special hOMe Hoodie from one of my favorite artwork!




💐Welcome to my Patreon Page!💐

Who is this Patreon created for?
🌷Anyone who wants ongoing inspiration, ideas, and encouragement for a soul-led & intuitive approach to life as a creator
🌷Anyone wishing to get their creativity flowing on a regular basis, I can be your muse
🌷Anyone who wish to learn together with me as I grow my skills, share my inner headspace, challenges & lessons in art & life.

This Patreon page will allow me a safe space to share my process & thoughts of all the art I create, fund my art and videos, reach some of my art goals and to create more inspiring content for you!

I am Elaine, also know as ThatBlackCat artist from Malaysia. I love to paint using an intuitive and expressive approach, coupled with symbolism, doodles, semi abstract and whimsicality. I am building an eclectic style derived from my own art explorations.

What kind of medium and material do you use?
I used to limit myself to just markers and acrylics, but as the years go by, I learn to love other mediums, such as gouache, acrylic inks, pastels, glitters, spray paints, watercolor pencils, leather paints and more. (I also paint on bags and shoes, stones, and wood). When you follow me on Patreon here, you'll witness my learning journey & follow along together.

How would you describe your art and yourself as an artist?
I like to think of myself as a visionary & intuitive artist. My work is grounded in self-determinism, the belief that art can deliver healing messages to the beholder, and a great desire to make an impact and contribute to the greater consciousness in the world. The scenes I often include in my paintings can be seen as an intentional set-up, and I hope that, upon encountering my work, I can transport the viewer into the magical world where healing and possibilities transpire.
More about my story here 😊

Why Patreon?
I came to realize that not only I'm an introvert in the physical world, I'm also introverted in the virtual (online) world. I prefer to share lots of bits and pieces of my art life in an enclosed platform (like having a one-on-one coffee time with you, where I know you would listen, and talk about my life) than to shout them out loud in a room full of people. Patreon seems to be the perfect place for you and me to share this intimate interactions minus all the noise in social media.
What I love about Patreon is, it also allows us to contribute to an artist's dreams and visions, in small little ways. Your donations will enable and help me to buy new art supplies & digital hardware/software to create more stuff that I can share with you. You are also helping me, an artist to fulfill her vision & mission in life! In turn, this gives me the possibility of interacting more closely with you too!💕

How does Patreon work?
If you like my work and want to support me, feel free to choose a Tier you like - even the smallest amounts (for as little as 1 USD) make a difference! I’m happy about every little donation because it makes working and living for my dream a bit easier than it has been before. You can join anytime, edit your pledge anytime and cancel anytime. Please note that Patreon is a US-based site and this is why payment is in $ / USD. If you decide to join, your subscription fee will be automatically charged in your own currency at the current exchange rate - you won't need to do a thing!
You get access to all online content as soon as you pledge. I would like to say genuinely thank you so much for considering to become my patron. Any contribution is greatly appreciated, from the bottom of my heart!🙏

Yours whimsically,

2% complete

This is enough to support the monthly running fees of my website & online store, as well as paying the bills of my painting studio. Thank you so much for keeping my art alive!
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