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Thank you for supporting my creativity
  I really need a piano right now, to practice playing on it and especially to create those favorite videos of yours, when I am playing any song by just hearing it without notes)
  You can donate just 1$ per month or  choose yourself  the amount you like to donate, I will appreciate any support!

Little kitten Moti need your support!

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Moti and her author need your help. Like, seriously, you know, kittens have some needs, like, feeding some tasty cat food, to fill up their cat tray )) shampooing their fur, and buy some toys to play at lonely times))If you ever had a kitten, ya know what it is all about, right?:)
   And sure...
Exclusive MOTI and other comics releases
You will receive an access to a unique comics releases about little kitten MOTI adventures and her friends, which will be not available on free Instagram version, but only on Patreon. They also will be on my Private Instagram, you will have access to both services.

💚Sponsor for advertising

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Donates for Elaizzofficial YouTube channel PR, and to buy an  advertisement for my upcoming comics series on Instagram.
    Everyone knows how important is talent and artistic abilities, but the PR and advertisement is not less important in growing popularity, because that is the way when many people could see the artist and his work.
You might be very talented, but not showing it,locked up inside your house, and the world will never find out about you!
You can change this in my situation and make donations for PR and advertisement.
Thank you!




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I'm the author of comics about kitten "Moti".

And also, I’m a musician, music producer ... In general, I won’t tell much detail here. I’ll just say that I work a lot. And I do not earn anything from it. My YouTube channel is not monetized. All those videos that you see are all shot at my own expense.
At first glance, it might seem that everyone starts like that, and it is equally difficult for everyone. Believe me, it's not, there are situations when for someone it is much harder than everyone else.
So, if you want to help somehow, to make changes, and you want the quality of music videos, comics to develop, then, welcome)

If you don’t want to read a long and tiring text, then just donate 1 dollar. Believe me, this is very necessary :)

Here is what I really need now (starting with the first - the most necessary):

For Comics Series creating about little kitten "Moti" and he's adventures, on regular base. 

Donates for Elaizzofficial YouTube channel ads, and ads for my songs and videos

Upgrade equipment to improve the quality of songs, music and video (microphone, sound card, computer, drone, DJi Ronin, software, etc.)

Donate exclusively for home studio equipment (so far home). These are special materials, equipment.

This is necessary for adequate and normal competition with the expensive studios that all producers have, so that I no longer suffer and record sound on my MXL 440 in my room, which is full of echo, on my old Steinberg CL1, which has noise when recording.

Or, this money will go to rent a good recording studio so that the vocals in the songs sound very good. After the construction of the home studio, financing will go to further regular upgrade of equipment and software

Funding assistance to create interesting, funny video blogs.

Donates to shoot music videos of excellent quality (payment to actors, props, payment for interesting locations, for example, at rent house, etc.)
Funding for the creation of cool music videos in which I put all my talent. And I will be the director myself, etc. Of course, I will pay for the actors, the studio, which will be engaged in the creation of graphics, effects, etc. But, all ideas will be exclusively mine, so that you would not think that someone else would be engaged in my work. I want to do everything myself and control the whole process

You can choose any clause, where you want, or you are ready to make donations. And rest assured, your donations will do just that. The faster you make a donation, the more you donate, the faster I can bring all these points to life. Everything depends only on you.

This is, in short.

For those who likes to read long text :)

$0 of $4,000 per month
If I will be lucky enough to reach 4000$ per month, I will be able to make music my full-time job and create so many music for you guys, new comics and of course, exclusive music content for my patrons here, some special songs and projects, which will be not yet posted anywhere else but on my Patreon page at first, I will share with you here all of my special content, which will be updated each month. So you will obviously see how much I needed your support till now.
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