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is creating vital and autonomous refugee run and oriented space
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About El Comedor Support

El Comedor is a refugee-run space in Tijuana. It provides vital resources for refugees and others in need. Centered around a kitchen, El Comedor is one of the only places, in Tijuana, that serves free hot meals daily to these targeted populations. Their roof also hosts a donation center and a food garden. These meals, resources, and this space are crucial for thousands making the dangerous journey northward to escape violence.

Though El Comedor meets most of its needs through mutual aid and by the work of dedicated unwaged persons, they still have to pay the rent and bills. El Comedor is made possible by cross-border support from comrades all over the world. Through throwing fundraisers in home towns, word of mouth, and social media campaigns, we've managed to support El Comedor since its creation in February 2019. Becoming a patron eases the burden of those bottom-lining financial logistics and provides security and stability to the project. As well as being critical to keeping this fantastic project going, your monthly financial support will give this project staying power. Even as popular attention and mainstream media hype wain, the struggle of refugees continues.

El Comedor comes out of Contra Viento y Marea, a movement that in turn came out of the caravan movement. Contra Viento y Marea are people who, in the face of violence from governments and bigots, chose to find each other rather than go it alone. They do this because they know we are powerful when we come together in solidarity and they know there are others out there who, like them, who desire a life worth living.

Please support this effort and share news of this project with those who care. Your support is key to the success of this project.
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