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The Supporter tier is the tier to pick if you like my work and want to support me without any of the extras. You can check out a bunch of free content (including summaries of the Aether RPG) on eldritchcrow.com!
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Adventurer is the tier to choose if you want to throw a bit more support my way for the Aether RPG system while it's in playtesting. You'll get access to the Adventurer role, which will let you chat directly with me and other playtesters in the ECG Discord.
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Welcome to the ECG Patreon! It's going through a bit of a revamp currently as I change platforms and adjust my content. My main project is the Aether RPG system, currently in development, as well as a setting to go with it. This Patreon is your way to get early access to the Aether RPG system, if you're interested in playtesting, as well as access to the Aetherscape setting. 

What is the Aether RPG? 
The Aether RPG is a tabletop game I'm building from the ground up to focus on narrative, campaign-length play for various genres. While it focuses on fantasy, the system is highly modular and will give players everything they need to run as many different games through it as possible. You'll find full descriptions at eldritchcrow.com!

What is the Aetherscape? 
The Aetherscape is my own setting built for the Aether RPG, as well as for the majority of my other projects. You'll also find all of the information on the Aetherscape at eldritchcrow.com!
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At $20 a month, I break even on the project and can continue creating this kind of content at no expense to myself other than time.
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