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About Eldritch Hat

Hello, my name is Kara (She/They) and I have started this Patreon as a means to connect with fans of my work online. First and foremost I am a writer, specifically with an interest in both horror and magical realism, and I am currently studying English for my major. I am also an artist who uses ink as my primary tool, and much of my work is done in the style of Edward Gorey and other surrealist illustrations. Finally, I am a queer person with mental illnesses, and I aim to express my experiences and build empathy through my work.

You can find my writing here:
Ink Sepulchre

You can find my music here:
Eldritchhat on Bandcamp

Also, if you are interested in horror and enjoy my work, I invite you to join my discord specifically meant for discussing horror media:
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This is a pretty small goal, though it's only meant to gauge peoples' interest in my anthology comic Broken Semiotic.

Broken Semiotic

If we reach this goal, I will make at least 5 more stories and post the titles to each of them.
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