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What is this?

I am building a Discord bot that can assist server administrators with managing their Discord servers while also providing integration capabilities beyond Discord. Providing an administrative toolkit from the comfort of your own Discord server. In short, a swiss army knife of bots that is capable of handling many features while still performing as quickly as possible.

Who are you?

My name is Francis (I'm also known as Rix). I hold an associates degree in Computer Networking and am a Network Administrator. I have spent years accumulating knowledge of server and network administration and wish to build a bot that assists admins control their discord server with an easy to use interface.

Why such a big bot? Why not a bunch of smaller bots?

Having multiple bots handle different features works well in many cases, it requires a fair level of trust that the developer(s) will not abuse their access to your server. By their nature, any bot you invite to the server may be able to snoop on and record any and all messages and events that happen in your server. Depending on permissions they can also be used by to invite and promote harmful users into your servers, or worse yet delete entire servers.. Yikes!

Instead of opting to trust these small bots to do the right thing, it's easier to trust one larger bot coming from a source that you can trust, and isn't going to suddenly disappear from the developer losing interest or lack of funds to keep it running.

How do you plan to do that?

Since January 9th of 2019 I've been slowly building and modifying a Discord bot of my own design in order to provide a quick and dependable platform from which management of systems, services, and even Discord itself is abstracted away into a very precise and easy to manage utility, effectively removing the need for SSH or (if you don't wish to use the service integrations) manually toggling and tweaking settings inside Discord except in very extreme or rare circumstances.

What kinds of services will your bot be able to integrate with?

Nothing is set in stone yet but I'm looking to be able to offer complete management of Linux servers and their services by creating wrappers around the already popular and well used service like OpenSSH, Docker, BIND, Nginx/Apache, and many others.

On top of this service integration I will also be providing a high quality bot that can reduce Discord server maintenance to a fraction of the time needed, allowing people to spend less time moderating their community and more time engaging.

Is the system integration mandatory?

Absolutely not! If you only wish for the bot to maintain a Discord server then no further action is needed on your part and no additional steps are required. Just invite the bot to your server and grant it only the permissions you are comfortable with. Depending on the permissions granted certain features may not be available until higher privileges are granted. 

If however you do wish to be able to perform actions falling under the System Integration category there will be documentation available as those features become ready and more information about them will be available as that time draws closer.

So besides system integration, what other services will you be providing?

This bot will feature it's own integrated attachment scanner, complete with real time scanning, reporting, and configurable actions that will allow server operators to ensure that their servers are not being used to spread viruses or other malware hidden inside attachments.

On top of that this bot will also feature it's own Global Ban list that will effectively track and report known problematic users on the Discord network by crowd sourcing this list from the servers it is connected with. In order to prevent bad apples from introducing false reports into the list each ban will be temporarily withheld from the global list for 24-48 hours after the ban in order to provide falsely accused users time to dispute the claim. Upon receipt of a ban the bot will PM the banned user with easy to follow steps that will allow them to dispute the claim. Server's that are found to be consistently abusing this feature will have their Ban List access revoked, will not have their bans count towards the global list, nor will they be able to receive alerts about potentially harmful users who join the servers, regardless of their previous history and support level, So it is in their best interest to play it fair.

Other features are still up in the air but these are two of the big features I'm working to have included in the initial release.

Will banned users also be banned from any server that connects to the bot?

No, however, Server administrators will have the option to toggle this as a feature but the default will only be to alert admins of potentially problematic users in a private channel that only the bot and the administrators have access to. In no way will we be announcing in public chats a user's ban history, we will also not allow direct searches to be performed on this list in order to protect users from abusive administrators. Only the total server ban count, and the last 5 servers and their ban reason will be viewable.

How will new bans be reported to users already joined to a server?

If a user is banned from a server, after the 48 hour window, an alert will go out to all servers that user is connected to that the bot is also a member of. Admin's are however free to make their own decisions, depending on the ban reason listed by another server. Server admins however are encouraged to only act on ban alerts if they feel the user represents a real threat to their community. 

Ok, I'm in. How do we start?

If I haven't scared you away and you'd like to support me in building this bot I welcome you to subscribe to any of the Patreon supporter tiers and I will do my best to release weekly updates, progress reports, and even offer some Patreon users the chance to beta test bot features before they are mass-deployed.

So with all that said, I hope you are as excited about this as I am and look forward to what we accomplish building together.

$0 of $300 per month
This allows me to be able to pay for the hardware and other costs that may come up while running and maintaining the bot. In order to ensure high availability and security, only dedicated servers are used to host the databases and bot endpoints.
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