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About Caley McCready

I am Caley McCready, the author of Elemental D6. I started working on the game in February 2013, and it has since grown into my passion project

Why Patreon?
Elemental D6 is now and will always be free to all, and without advertisements of any kind. I have put over 4,200 hours into the game so far, and funded the costs with my discretionary income. My personal time and funds have brought the game a long way, but I want to do even more. That's why I created this patreon. I want to hire more artists to help create more content for the game, and eventually to work full-time on the project

Being a patron of the game will be a rewarding experience
You will receive monthly updates on what has been added to the game, higher resolution versions of the art found on the game wiki, and special access/flair in the official forums and discord servers. At higher patron levels, you will be immortalized in the game world with characters named after you! In addition to the rewards currently outlined on the right, more rewards will be added as the project grows

To all my patrons, you are making my dream a reality and I cannot thank you enough, but I'll try

Ongoing and Future Projects
  • Commissioning character art for all the Races, and NPCs
  • Commissioning landscape and map art to bring the planets and ships of ED6 to life
  • Commissioning 3D models for custom ED6 Minatures
  • Building a talent calculator to assist in creating characters
  • Making Youtube videos that demonstrate how to play the game
  • Filming a let's-play Youtube campaign of Elemental D6
  • Designing a hex-based terrain construction system
  • Upgrading hosting resources to keep the site running quickly
  • Authoring modules set in the Elemental D6 universe
  • Implementing more Advent Classes for you to enjoy

Why do I create Elemental D6?
When I started this this project, I was working abroad and had been invited to play Pathfinder in a group of other ex-pats. There, alone in a foreign country, I found a community and fell in love with tabletop. As we adventured, I started to experience the social-emotional and mental health benefits of playing with a consistent group. Those experiences inspired me to start creating. Elemental D6 is a creative outlet for me; it is designed to be fun, but also to subtly encourage creativity, positive self-image, and the exploration of morality 

Meet the Artists of Elemental D6

Christian Benavides

John Latta

Dayle Domingo

Janna Bock

Janna Bock

R. Milanis

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At this level of support, I will be capable of:
  • One character commission released each month
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