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About elementary

elementary OS is a fast and open replacement for Windows and macOS

With millions of downloads, people love what we're doing. We've created a fast, beautiful, and usable platform that puts the user experience first. Plus it's open source, meaning anyone can contribute to make it even better and all of our code is available for public scrutiny or even re-use.

Wired - "elementary OS is different" "...a beautiful and powerful operating system that will run well even on old PCs"

MacLife - "a fast, low-maintenance platform that can be installed virtually anywhere"

MacWorld - "If I had to leave the Mac? I'd switch to elementary OS"

Lifehacker - "Lightweight and fast, not to mention customizable. Completely community-based, and has a real flair for design and appearances."

But We Need Your Help

We're made up of about 30 mostly-volunteer developers working in our spare time. To really kick development into high gear, we need to be able to do more than pay out small bounties from time-to-time. Hiring more full-time developers means a much faster release cycle, more new features, and faster bug fixes. And since we often collaborate with other open-source software makers, these features and fixes will trickle out to the whole ecosystem of great open-source operating systems. Plus we want to be able to attend important conferences like FOSDEM, GUADEC, and SCaLE to talk about our ideas, collaborate with other developers, and grow the open-source community as a whole.
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