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About eleneasy

Hi there!
My name is Carlo Carrano and I am an old school MS in electronics engineering. I worked almost forever doing software development for the big telecommunication companies suppliers, although I kept working in the electronics engineering field as a hobby.

I started creating videos on Electronics engineering back in April 2018 and so far it has been a lot of fun sharing whatever I do in my basement lab and giving short tutorials on electrical and electronics engineering subjects.

I have several subjects in mind that in time I will address: robotics, electronic musical instruments, home automation, educational videos, and so forth.
So far I proposed a series of videos on the Theremin, an analog electronic musical instrument that I always wanted to build. This project is most at its conclusion now. You can take a look at the several episodes in my YouTube Channel, eleneasy.com.
I also published a number of educational videos on electrical engineering basics and on electronic components, like the resistor and the capacitor. I plan to do more on this in the near future.

Join me in the effort of spreading the knowledge on electronics throughout the world. It seems common knowledge today that an hobby in electronics is a lost cause, because most of the things that can be done are realized with integrated circuits that do everything on their own, taking away all the fun to build something and see it working. I really want to prove that doing things with simple components is still possible, and so bring back all the fun that previous generations had in this field.

I count on you to succeed in this task!
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With this amount of money, I will be able to buy more electronics equipment and components to build the prototypes I show in my videos. This will help me work on more interesting projects.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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