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-48-hour prerelease, you've decided to pledge to me after all ♪
-Patron-only feeds ♪

1$ might not sound much, but it actually shows that you care quite a lot.
Thanks for supporting me ♪

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-All previous rewards ♪
-Your name will appear in the credits ♪

5$!? For me!? Many many thankies! I'll make sure you are mentioned on the credits, to show the level of your support~

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-All previous rewards ♪
-A custom item/weapon/armor/NPC you'd like in the game ♪

That's a hefty amount of money you decided to give me mate. I hope I'm worth that much~
I could always create something new in the game, what that will be is up to you~




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About elfloren

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page!
My name is Nick, and I'm also known as elfloren in ULMF.

I've been working on translations for a few years as a hobby, and hopefully I've been getting better. It's not my job, and I will still provide all my translations to you guys(and gals) for free, but if someone would like to pledge any amount for my efforts, you are more than welcome to do so. Maybe one day I could garner enough support to sustain myself solely from translations, meaning I could devote many more hours to translate games~

Originally, I started out by working on partials, but nowadays I usually keep one "main" project in which I devote most of my time when I translate. I rarely do partials anymore, but that means that if something looks interesting, I will probably fully translate it at some point. There are so many H-games that are worth translating out there that my list just keeps getting bigger by the day.

Some more info here

Here is a post with all my translations

Finished Translations:
Shinobi Buster Mizuna
Countrylife Survival RPG
Petite Goddess Emily

Devoted Knight Kuon: Records of Lewdness RPG

Would you fight for me, lose for me, get xxx'd for me!?
Girl Knight Milk
We are the proud 5th order of the knights of Almeria
Rosary of the Promise
Yorozuya Princess

Ongoing Translation:
Cannon ~ Cocoa Island Case File

Generally, I try to pick games that aren't all about the scenes, and have some sort of gameplay to make them worth being actually played. That doesn't mean I'll never pick games that have good scenes and mediocre gameplay, so nothing's off the table ♪

-Why should I support you? You'll distribute anything you create for free, right?
-You're not obliged to, it's just a little something to show your appreciation for what I do.

-Do you also distribute the games that you translate?
-No, I don't. I have not created those games, only their translation, so I can't give game copies freely.

If you like the games I translate, you should also consider buying them on DLsite to support the devs too~
You can also follow me on Twitter
$95.40 of $300 per Full Translation
I might try doing some kind of a giveaway once in a while. Maybe Steam games, or something else? We'll see.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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