Eli August is creating Music, Videos, Spoken Word Poetry

$1 /creation
Fully produced, professionally mixed and mastered wav or mp3 of that months song.  We want as many people to get on board as possible, even if you're on a budget!

$2 /creation
The song from the $1 level as well as access to the songs lyrics as well as verses that didn't make the cut.


$6 /creation
Everything from the above levels and a post card mailed to you with hand written select lyrics from a tune.

$12 /creation
Everything from the $1 and $2 level as well as a typewritten letter sent to you giving you insight about the song and how it came to be and what inspired it.

$25 /creation
Everything from the $1 and $2 level as well as a bar of my hand made soap mailed to you.  Scents will be dependent upon what I have available at the time. I will also send you the typewritten lette...

$50 /creation
Everything from the $1 and $2 level. As well as a 30minute skype/google hangout were I answer any questions you might have about the song, the writing process or the band in general.

$150 /creation
We will commission a piece of art from one of our talented visual artist friends that is inspired by that months song.  We will split the $150 donation with the artist and send you a print of the p...