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$1 /creation
Thanks for supporting the blog/channel. You get nothing...but...BUT...I am grateful and you get acess to this super secret Patron only message board where I'll actually read your comments and stuff.


$3 /creation
Ok you get it. You get the thing early. The longer version of the thing. The stuff those ONE dollar plebes don't get....one dollar...how dare they right? We're so much better than them. 


$7 /creation
Ok. Wow. That's like MONEY...i don't...I don't know how to deal with this. YES I DO. You get an extra thing that's just for you every month. Blog. Poem. Video. Something. Why? 7 Dollars a thin...


$10 /creation
So i HIGHLY suspect this is just gonna be my mom but if its anyone that isn't my mom guess what. Were gonna do a google hangout. And you get to come. I'll tell stories. Talk about what's going...


$20 /creation
Ok I have no idea why you think I'm worth 20 dollars a thing but I appreciate it. You do this for 6 months and get all the other stuff PLUS a free swag. Whenever I make a swag...guess what? You get...


$100 /creation
Nobody gives someone a hundred dollars a thing unless they wanna have sex with them. You can't have sex with me. But you'll be my fuckbudy. I'll call you my fuckbuddy. I'll introduce you to importa...