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About Elif Hiz

Hello! I'm Elif, welcome to this page. I'm a digital marketer, entrepreneur, content creator and a nomad soul who is originally from Turkey, moved a lot around the world and settled in Toronto in 2018. I create Youtube videos and blog posts about digital marketing, career tips, remote work, self-growth and travels. 

I've been receiving quite a lot of messages from you guys across so many channels and feeling very grateful for your kind words and interest. While I don't have the capacity to respond to every message and email, this Patreon page will help me build a more meaningful relationship with you and help to have one to one conversations.

If you want to check out my content, learn more about my background or want to connect, here's where to find me: 

Youtube ➳ Linkedin ➳ Instagram ➳ Twitter ➳ BLOG

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