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  • Access to my private Crow Fam community on Discord
  • Exclusive album content like song lyrics and behind the scene videos (only available on Patreon)
  • Early access to all things Eligh
  • My sincere gratitude for just wanting to support

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Lil Crow's get not so lil rewards:

  • Access to *bonus songs, instrumentals dropped throughout the year
  • Access to private video chat
  • Access to my private Crow Fam community on Discord
  • Exclusive album content, like song lyrics, and behind the scene videos ( only available on Patreon )
  • Early access to all things Eligh
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Crows are my home team. Crows receive:

  • One exclusive new song a month
  • Exclusive Hi-Res scan of original art piece a month 
  • Access to my CrowFamily Podcast
  • Access to private live video chat once a month
  • Access to my private Crow Fam community on Discord
  • Exclusive album content like song lyrics and behind the scene videos (only available on Patreon)
  • Early access to all things Eligh
Includes Discord benefits




 Who Am I? 

For those who may not know me, I'm an artist from Los Angeles, CA. I produce. I rap. I draw. I score films. You may know me from Living Legends, G&E, 3MG and Grand Tapestry. 

 Why I Love to Create Art 

I was 17 when I recorded " As They Pass" in Grouch's basement. At that point, it didn't matter whether I was flat broke, malnourished with no official place to live. Why? Because I was in heaven. I was making music! I was in love.

I knew what I wanted to do from a young age. I knew in the 6th grade. I wanted to make music and art. I wanted to write and draw. I wanted nothing else. 21 years after " As They Pass," I'm still as in love as I was at 12. Although now, the desire to heal people has become a part of my art mission. I want to change the way you feel. I want to let you know you're not alone. I want to help you get clean, and I want to help you past the shackles of anxiety. And just as it was in 1996, I do EVERYTHING myself.

 The Challenge of Being Independent 

I used to pay my bills with CD sales. It was my most reliable income for many years. But once the digital revolution took its course, you could imagine, artists like me, lost a reliable revenue stream. I hope streaming services will one day pay us royalties we deserve, but I can't afford to wait for that day. I've never had a label, or even a team of people working for me. I've had a couple of amazing people walk with me through the years, but have never been able to KEEP people on because money has never been steady enough. (Shout out to my brother Eamon)

BUT, somehow I've survived, and thrived, and am making some of my favorite music and art to date. How is that possible?? YOU ! My family. My people. I've used the digital world to get closer to you. To reach out directly to people who care about what I create. And every time I reach out, you guys respond. And although these bursts of support help me tremendously, this is a way to create some stability for me through your monthly support.

With the support you guys give me here, I can spend time creating, without worrying about how I'm going to make it through the month financially. I can get videos made, order new merch, give my albums a chance to be heard with proper promotional push. It also gives me another opportunity to offer supporters something unique and personal from me.

 How Your Support Benefits You as Patrons (Rewards) 

As a $5 a month supporter, you will get a new song each month. At the end of the year, every year, you'll have a 12 song album that no one else will. Only my Crow Family support team. It might be an instrumental, it might be a song, might be a film score, I won't know till I make it!
I created a Crow Fam podcast, where I've been telling stories, and breaking down the history behind all of my solo album releases, as well as answering questions from the family on the pod! 

I will also be holding a live video chat for supporters only, once a month, where we can talk about anything we want, AND I will draw an 11x14 piece once a month, scan it, and send everyone a high res image that you can print out and frame if you wanted. Only my Patrons will get it.

Now of course, if any of you felt you could help me out with more than $5 a month, please feel free. That would be amazing!

For those who could afford $25 or up a month, you will get everything mentioned above, plus a spot on my guest list for any show, anytime, for as long as your a supporter. For those who can pledge $50 and up, you get all of the above, plus a phone call once a month with me, to talk about life for a bit, or whatever you feel!

I've said this before, and I mean it, YOU are my lifeline! YOU guys allow me to continue chasing my dreams. This support will bring me stability, something I've never had as an indie-underground artist, and hopefully it will bring you joy in return.

Hope to see you join Crow Fam... Love you guys !


 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

When will I get charged? Patrons get charged the first of the month.

How do I get access to older art pieces and songs from previous months? Only 3 month's worth of art pieces and songs will be available for $5 and $10 tiers at any given time. If you want to get access to the entire archive, you will need to be in a $15 and up tier. You only need to do this for one month, then you can easily move down to a $5 or $10 tier to continue getting new art and songs each month. You can also message me and I can share links to the archived content.

When will the new song and print drop? The 4th of the month.

How can I listen to Patreon exclusive songs and podcasts outside of the Patreon app?

There's a cool feature called an RSS Feed that posts all of my Patreon songs and podcast episodes to your podcast listening app. This makes it more convenient to listen to any Patreon audio files on your smartphone. When I put out a new song or episode on Patreon, it will automatically load into your favorite podcast listening app. This RSS Feed will only allow you to access the audio files for the tier that you're in as it's unique to your account. Check out this link on how to set it up for your phone:


Why am I required to input a shipping address? To make it easier for us to ship you any physical rewards or merch items, we collect this information ahead of time. If you were not required to enter your shipping address when you first signed up, go to "My profile settings" in the drop-down list by clicking the upper right-hand corner. There should be a section where you input your address for physical items.

Can I cancel at any time? Yes, you can cancel for any reason at any time. You can also adjust your pledge amount to a lower tier if you don't want to completely drop out.

When do you host livestreams? Usually mid-month. I will make a post around a week before a tentative date as a heads up.

How does the guestlist for shows work? As long as you're an Owl member, you can get on the guestlist of any show I'm performing at. There might be an occasional show this won't work for, such as big festivals where I don't have a huge guest list, either way, I'd let you know! Just send an email to [email protected] when the show you want to attend is coming up.

When do monthly phone calls take place? For my Phoenix members, monthly phone call reminders are sent out the first week of the month. You can select and schedule your 30-minute time slot on a first come first serve basis from the available days each month.

When are Crowcasts released each month? New podcasts will drop around the middle of each new month.

How come I never receive a Backerkit email to confirm my address for the merch reward? In order to receive a merch reward, you need to be at a specific tier for 2 consecutive months, meaning you made 2 successful payments in a row. Payments are processed on the first of each month. You will automatically receive an email from Backerkit to confirm your address when you qualify for the merch reward.

Not only do you need to bump up your pledge, but you also need to switch to the appropriate tier. For example, 2 consecutive months at the $25 Owl tier gets you the shirt. If you're at the $5 Crow tier, you need to switch to the Owl tier or higher and make sure your pledge is at least $25. If you feel like you should have qualified but didn't get an email, please send a message or email [email protected] so we can look into it.

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