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        About Elisa Hategan

        Hi there! I'm Elisa, a writer, freelance journalist, public speaker, filmmaker and blogger with Incognito Press, and I really need your help.

        The art of creating anything is a collaborative process - I create for a community, and in turn I need the community to sustain my artistic process. Since the moment I first picked up a pen as a child, I never stopped writing or dreaming of a world where the power of the pen is far stronger than the weight of a sword.

        In the last few years I published several books, some of which include RACE TRAITOR, Alice in Writerland and Daughters of the Air. I've also published poetry, articles and plays that appeared in publications across North America, such as Grain Magazine, The Fiddlehead and CV2. I have freelanced as a journalist, a public speaker, an activist and a social media strategist, with my work appearing in Maclean's Magazine, Global News, NOW Magazine and Canadian Jewish News. I made a couple of films, started two writing groups, was published and/or featured in the mainstream press, and won several prestigious writing grants.

        But I couldn't have done any of it without people who believed in me.

        My Patrons are the family I never had - a family that supports and sustains me through the upheavals and joys of creating art that aims to make a difference. I need each and every one of you. Everything that I write is dedicated to you. I could not have gotten this far without the support of people who believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.

        Your encouragement means the world to me.

        The written word is a powerful manifesto that has the capacity to preserve history, document personal and social revolutions, and become a voice of self-expression. In my work, I explore the psychological and emotional imprints rooted in our history, sense of belonging and identity. I look for the light within the shadows – the silenced voices of my generation, the common thread that courses through all of us.

        My aim is to open a secret door into an unexplored world, to illuminate obscure passageways that lead to an unfamiliar landscape, one where words become an act of defiance.

        I ask only for a $5 monthly sponsorship. For the cost of one Starbucks coffee per month, you can become an integral part of my creative projects. And beyond each new book, each film and each new project, you will know that you made a difference in the life of an artist who needed your help in order to make the world a more creative and inspiring place.

        Beside sponsoring my work, one of the most powerful ways to make a difference and help me in my journey is to spread the word about my work. Even a tweet or a Facebook share can make a huge difference! Dropping a line to say hello, to offer encouragement or ask me about my ongoing or upcoming projects is very welcome.

        Thank you so much for your support,

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        With $500 in monthly pledges, I will dedicate four afternoons a week to work on my new book AND produce one new blog post or article per week. This first goal is a huge milestone to reach since it will enable and fund my writing on a regular basis, and I hope we can achieve it together.
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