Elise Matthesen (also known as Lioness)

is creating art jewelry, writing prompts, and benevolent acts of the muse.

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Shared Writing Prompts from the Lioness
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Writing prompts! Each month, I will post a dozen titles or phrases. A few might be titles from shinies made many years ago; most will be newly made up wisps of thought that probably won't ever be used as titles of shinies. Everybody who donates a dollar or more will have access to this monthly bundle of prompts. Do whatever you like with them, write stories or make other art or just enjoy the thoughts they may spark in your mind. May inspiration bring you joy!

Hey Lioness! That Thing You Do? Do More of That, Please!
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Encouragement! This basically says "I like what you do and I think you should do more of it!" I promise to take these contributions and spend them on stuff that encourages me and makes my art better. Some months that might be a trip to a local museum; other months it might be supporting one or more benevolent conspiracies and encouraging other artists. 

You'll also get access to the shared writing prompts each month.

Prompts from the Lioness Especially for You!
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Personal Writing Prompts! Each month, I will send you a dozen titles or phrases made up especially for you. If you want to specify a genre or theme, I can work with that. If you want to be surprised, I can definitely work with that. Note: if you want to get this reward and then share it with whoever you like, that's fine by me. Heck, if a writing group wants to sign up at this level, I think that would be a great use of the prompts. You'll also have access to the shared writing prompts from the $1 level. Yay!




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Hi! I'm Elise. I make art jewelry, which is basically shiny wearable treasure with names that sometimes makes people want to write things. I was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 2009 "for setting out to inspire and for serving as inspiration for works of poetry, fantasy, and SF over the last decade through her jewelry-making and her 'artist's challenges'". Big thanks to everyone who has played with the inspiration, made art, encouraged others, and made all of this possible. You are the bestest!

I'll be unveiling some additional opportunities for adventure in the rest of 2019 soon and giving people the opportunity to sign up for them, but the current levels will still be good. And yes, it's fine to sign up for a level for one month in order to get a specific goodie, and then drop back down to the $1 level or wherever you like. It's all good. Watch this space for more fun soon.

If you're looking for other Lioness-related fun, you can also find me in other places, including on Etsy. I'm LionessElise there too.

$271.75 of $300 per month
When I hit $300, I will go on a bead-buying expedition, show you photos of some of the best of what I buy, and explain why I chose it. Think of it as a bead scouting report from a very quirky bead buyer.  It'll probably contain many comments waxing rhapsodic about why this particular weird off-kilter bead captured my heart and therefore I had to buy the whole string. It will definitely include educational natter about what the beads are made of, and what to look for when buying beads.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts

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