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The Peanut Gallery

$5 /mo
Our beloved Peanut Gallery, oh how we appreciate your support! We're so excited to have you join us! Peanut Gallery supporters will receive Patreon Exclusive Updates and behind the scenes posts kee...

The Understudies

$10 /mo
Our lovely Understudies! We could not do what we do without your love and support!

At this level our supporters receive exclusive behind the scenes updates from the team here at The Elite AND a ...


The Emcee!

$25 /mo
Ah yes, the Emcee! You're a charmer and clearly in the know! 

For our Emcees we've reserved the finest of rewards, the mysterious "Video Updates!"

You will receive a monthly video u...


The Dramatic Entrance!

$50 /mo
Who doesn't love a dramatic entrance?! 

Our Dramatic Entrance Supporters will receive everything we've offered so far AND be invited to attend a live chat session with a member of th...


I want to be a Producer!

$100 /mo
Our wonderful Mel Brooks inspired supporters receive all of these amazing perks! 

- A complimentary beverage & snack from the concessions stand

- Exclusive Behind The Scenes vide...


Dahling Please!

$250 /mo
Dahling, please! 

Have a seat! Would you like something to eat? 

Because for $250 we would love to invite you to dinner! 

That's right. Our $250 monthly pat...