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Oh hey, didn't see you there! Thanks so much for stopping by my Patreon. My name is Liz, and I'm a digital artist and dungeon master (of the gaming kind!).

Illustration & Character Art: Though I have been creating art and experimenting with different styles for most of my life, I have reached a point where I am both comfortable with my skills and excited to learn more, and keep improving. Currently, I create creature and character art inspired by cinematic concept art, manga, and comics; my primary mediums are digital art using a tablet and computer, as well as traditional pencil, ink, and watercolor. I'm excited to share my imagination with you, but I also look forward to receiving input from patrons on what you want to see!

Creating Dungeon Master Resources: As a 5th Edition DM, I know how hard it can be to prepare for a session, or to find that token, map, NPC or adventure that hits just the right spot. Using my artistic knowhow, and a few tricks I've picked up from several years of DMing, I will be creating assets for you to use in your games, whether digitally or at-the-table. While some of these will be drawn from my own inspirations, as a patron I would love to hear your ideas for items that would be helpful for you and/or your DM/GM!

Here are some of the goals I'm working towards in my creative endeavors, all of which benefit from any amount of support you'd like to give. These would not be exclusive to Patreon at all, although patrons may get sneak peeks and early access to some pieces:
  • Creating commissioned illustrations (not limited to patrons)
  • Self-publishing a small RPG adventure or sourcebook
  • Improving my technical knowledge, especially in regards to the use of color and lighting.

If you are further interested in inquiring about me and my work, the best way to get in contact with me is currently through email at: [email protected]. My web address is flowergrrrl.net (currently under renovations!).
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As a Wyrmling, you will receive:

  • Monthly blogs including: photography, what I've been working on, and updates on what to expect coming up
  • Participation in patron-only polls and discussions
  • Unique access to quick sketches and practice figure drawings that are not posted on my regular social media
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As a Wyvern, you will receive:

  • The benefits of the previous tier
  • Early access to completed art pieces
  • Early access to my 5th edition RPG content (including: player character options, NPC/monster stat blocks, Roll20 assets, etc.)
  • A handwritten thank-you note; other chances for personalized snail mail if you opt in to provide your address
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As a Dragon, you will receive:

  • The benefits of the previous tier
  • Documentation of how I work to get more behind-the-scenes information on the methods I use
  • Periodic .psd and/or .indd files of my art and design work
  • 10% off commission prices
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Let's build a little community together, shall we? At 15 patrons, I'll open up a patron server on the Discord app so that we can all get to know each other a little better.
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