Elizabeth Hope

is creating painting & drawing portraits + conceptual art in various mediums
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- Weekly studio tour videos: find out every Friday morning what I've been up to in the studio that week

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About Elizabeth Hope

Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I am Art by Elizabeth Hope!

I’ve been an artist ever since I was a little kid. Art was always my favorite subject in elementary and high school, I adored the art classes I took in the summer and the teacher who encouraged me, and I still have pages and pages of class notes covered in doodles and notebooks peppered with ideas for paintings and art collections. In college, although I graduated with a “respectable” major (history), I took as many art classes as I could and graduated with a minor in Studio Art.

It’s always been easier for me to use pen and paper or paintbrush and canvas to express myself, but it wasn’t until my mom passed away in 2014 that I took the leap from my office cubicle to pursue life on my terms. Art enables me to say what words can’t, and my art is an extension of myself, while the process itself is an exploration of my thoughts and feeling, a form of therapy and catharsis.

I have two main focuses within my art – portraiture and bold, conceptual pieces created from the overflow of my emotions and convictions. My portraits range from pen and ink drawings on paper to large oil paintings on canvas, depending on the project. The more conceptual pieces are mostly oil on canvas, which allows me to translate the intensity of emotion appropriate for each piece, both with thicker layers of paint and also bolder, more striking colors. With both focuses the goal is to capture people and moments that reveal more of my heart and the hearts of those who commission the art.

I believe that sharing our hearts – being vulnerable – can be empowering, and it’s that authenticity that helps us to then connect with and strengthen each other. My art strives to be a visual representation of those bonds.

As a modern creator, I often walk a fine line between creating work I'm passionate about and creating work that people will buy. And hopefully, along the way, I find the sweet spot, creating art that fits in both categories. By becoming one of my Patrons, you can help me in a couple different ways! First, the relationship between me and my Patrons and the feedback I receive from you enables me to find that sweet spot of art that both you and me love! And second, knowing that I have a guaranteed amount of income coming in each month, having that peace of mind, allows me to spend more time focusing on creating art that I'm passionate about, art that speaks to me and comes from my heart. And ultimately, I believe that kind of authenticity and vulnerability in art is what will speak to you, as well.

As one of my Patrons, depending on which membership level you choose, you can receive exclusive behind the scenes videos, digital and physical prints only available to my Patrons, discount codes, and more!

I cherish every little bit of support, encouragement, and feedback I receive from my Patrons, and I hope you will join me in my artistic journey -- don't forget to take a second to check out the different membership tiers you can choose from as one of my Patrons! Thank you!
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When I reach $500 per month, I can buy a real camera (my iPhone is great, but still...) and better lighting for my studio! This will help me produce better quality product photos for my website and possibly even open up the possibility of colored prints of my oil paintings!
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