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If you back the Patreon, you get preview copies of Monday posts as early as I manage to write them. (These will be the posts I actually charge you for.)
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If you pay $2 per week, you get access to periodic short reviews of stuff I watch, read, listen to, or otherwise consume.
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At $5 a week you get access to occasional "Writers Notes" columns where I reflect on the process of putting together various projects. You'll also get occasional perks like early access to long-form pieces, previews of works in progress, and other cool stuff.
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About Elizabeth Sandifer

Hi all. I'm El, the lead writer on Eruditorum Press and the author of TARDIS Eruditorum, The Last War in Albion, and the Neoreaction a Basilisk. This Patreon funds that work, as well as supporting the site as a whole and providing a venue for awesome people like Jack Graham and Christine Kelley (though you should definitely go back them directly if you like their work.)

Eruditorum Press is a small and independent operation, and this Patreon is my primary source of income, so by backing it, you help keep the site running and guaranteeing that we can continue to provide both regular and longform content. You also ensure that I have a roof over my head and can eat. So seriously, thank you for your support. This is an incredible gig, and this site makes it possible. 

All backers get a (roughly) week early preview of my weekly blog posts, along with occasional extra content, while backers at $2 and $5 a week get some additional perks like reviews of current media and writers notes on my longer and more involved pieces.
$700 - reached! per roughly 2000+ word chunk of work
This is the rough threshold where I actually feel good about having gone full time with my writing. If the Patreon goes below it, I'm probably still very happy with my life now that I do this full time, but I'm definitely eager to see it go back above this number.
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