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    About Elizabeth Amisu

    'Through my creative works I seek to map the uncharted territory of the heart.’

    Welcome to my Alchemy Writing Emporium.Thank-you so much for being part of this magnificent co-creative experience. Together, this is where we turn the dross of life into gold. I'm so excited to welcome you to be part of my exclusive community of Terrans, Order Members, Verse Travellers, and Alchemists.

    About my Writing
    Through Patreon, you interact directly and intimately with my work. Journey through novels, which are dark, thrilling, and often delicious. You encounter short stories like the ones in my collection, Gild Your Shadows, where award-winning stories grounded in real life are interspersed with tales that venture to the furthest reaches of the imagination. When you feel the need to rest from that heady pace, I take you languidly through my dystopian series, The Sacerdos Mysteries. Expect to get your passportal stamped many times as I take you on a worldwide tour of the magical planet of Terra Magna, with its ancient-futuristic citis and colourful people and oceans. Let's not forget your time exploring my standalone works of literary fiction, like Ripe Earth, where we encounter sexual politics against a backdrop of fairy tales heroes and villains.

    A Portal into my World

    Due to the really low rates of royalties I was offered by mainstream publishers, which topped at 8% of the net takings of a book, I set up my very own printing press, Writing Eliza, in 2012. All my fiction is exclusively published by my own press where I am in charge of all artwork, editorial, typesetting, and printing. I have so many wonderful creative, magnificent, sensual and thrilling books in the pipeline, and now, with Patreon, I get to take you along for the behind-the-scenes creative ride of your life.

    Patreon allows creatives like me to get paid by running a membership business for my fans. It creates a powerful and positive revenue stream. Fans pay me a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for an exclusive experience and behind-the-scenes content. Get the inside scoop on the writing process and every aspect of what makes my writing world tick. You'll get to see the elusive creation of each novel, short story, and book, as it comes into being. Now that's a pretty magical thing to behold.

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    When I reach $100 a month, I will go on a Julia Cameron creative writing course via her website. This will be an awesome way to help me hone my craft and keep more of those books coming.
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    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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