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( ˘ ³˘)♥ early (and at times exclusive) access to comics, participation in Patreon polls, & my eternal gratitude!

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٩(*❛⊰❛)ʓਡ~♥ everything above, PLUS access to all Secret Patrons-Only monthly sketchbooks, and all audio content (re: anime commentaries) I release, FOREVER!

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₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♥ Everything above, PLUS you'll be a member of my monthly sticker club if/when I reach my $900 goal—you'll get every single sticker I release mailed directly to you on a quarterly schedule.

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(●මᴗමσ)σண♥ everything above, PLUS access to pages of my in-progress book—a queer autobio comic—as I finish them! This tier is limited to 30 of you~

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(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ I don't know if I will ever draw NSFW fanart! But if I do, I sure as hell will hide it behind this high-ass paywall. Pledge $50 and you're in~ 

Oh, and you'll also of cour...