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  • The Time I Ended up with No Underwear in Dubai
  • The Time I got a Drug Syringe Wedged in my Foot in Mallorca
  • Dark River: My Journey Down the Zambezi River - an 8 part series in which I document my first time in Africa
  • Stranded in Tenerife - a 13 part series detailing one of my greatest travel mishaps to date

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  • Hoof-prints Through Africa: a South African safari from the saddle. A unique view of South Africa which also explores topics such as rhino poaching, the ethics of managed game reserves and questions what the true wild really is. This will be a several part series.
  • Namibia: a solo adventure to join a conservation programme in one of Africa's most notorious deserts. Follow myself as an 18-year-old as I embark on my first solo trip, including all my thoughts, fears and struggles. This will be a several part series.
  • Also expect stories from Barbados, Dominica, Scotland and Maldives.
  • And many more adventures that I am yet to experience! There are a lot of exciting places I am hoping to visit and it will be inevitable that there will be some good stories to tell from them.

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  • Immediately unlock numerous exclusive adventures which have already been posted. These include adventures to: Dubai, Mallorca, The Caribbean, South Africa
  • New exclusive travel adventures written from start to finish, including all the juicy (and awkward) travel mishaps
  • Frequent updates from me about what's been going on in my life and any upcoming adventures.
  • Stand-alone stories never told before. One that springs to mind which I will be definitely writing about at some point is a very awkward brand collab experience!

About Ella in Wanderlust

Hi, I'm Ella! I'm a girl from England with a serious dose of wanderlust. For the past 2 years I have been creating travel films on my Youtube channel as well as writing about all my ridiculous travel tales over on my blog. I love sharing my adventures!

Whilst the internet is full of travel guides and picture-perfect write-ups of locations, I like to give my honest, unedited experiences. That's right - I don't do highlight-reels. Instead, in both my films and my writing, you can expect to find raw and unique travel experiences.

I have enjoyed sharing all my crazy tales on my blog, stories that my films haven't quite managed to capture. But the thing is, fun, enticing stories don't really fit the Google Algorithm very well. Google loves to favour all the guides instead, packed with keywords and written purely to sit at the top of Google.

I considered switching to guides instead in order to gain views for my blog but quickly decided I found this method boring and uninspiring. So I was left with a dilemma. I could continue writing my quirky travel stories but risk having zero audience. Or I could really force myself to write useful but tedious guides. But nothing felt right.

Then I discovered Patreon.

After lots of serious consideration, I have decided to move all my travel tales to this Patreon account, and any future content I write will be exclusive to Patreon as well.


1. I feel Patreon is a great way to build-up a community of die-hard fans committed readers.

2. I don't need to bother with making my content SEO-friendly, trying to please Google.

3. Having a barrier to read my content allows me to be more personal and open in my content.

4. I can just have FUN with my writing and not hold back on anything (basically point 2 and 3 combined but this is a BIG one for me).

What kind of content should you expect from me?

I document a lot of my travels through my Youtube channel but these videos don't tell the full story. The camera only rolls for a small portion of the day and misses out on lots of juicy action, especially the unplanned mishaps which I encounter A LOT.

On my Patreon account I will tell you the FULL story, including all the gossip, no matter how awkward and embarrassing.

I have been chased by hippos on-foot in the Zambia, attacked by a machete-wielding gang whilst self-driving in The Gambia, got a drug syringe wedged in my foot in Mallorca, accidentally set a gas canister alight in Namibia, missed flights, bagged myself speeding tickets, got food poisoning more times than I care to admit amongst so much more.

You may be starting to get the picture. Expect crazy. Expect ridiculous. Expect to wonder how I am still alive and still trying to travel the world.

I hope you'll join me along my journey and I can't wait to get sharing!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts

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