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Hi, I'm Elle.

I write curious fiction from beyond the rabbit hole and perform heart surgery on manuscripts missing their soul. I run exclusively on hazelnut coffee, fluffy cats, and an unbridled weirdness some might call creativity.

But at heart, I'm a storyteller.

What Do You Write? 

I write about weird, messy people doing weird messy things. You can read some of my writing on my website at www.ellemichaelriver.com, or you can read my newest flash fiction piece, Flight, on Reflex Press! I'm currently revising my debut horror novel, querying my short stories, and creating a unique writing prompt book based on my popular Story Scraps.

So... What Is This Place?

This is my personal Patreon for storytelling. Not only do I love writing, I love talking about writing; it's one of my favorite things. Specifically, I love to talk about your writing. Tell me about your protagonist's inner demons, your anti-hero's first crush, or show me a map of the universe you've created from scratch.

My passion extends beyond the page and to the art of storytelling itself. As a writing coach and writing instructor, I love helping storytellers of ages and skill levels find their voice and achieve their vision.

By subscribing to my Patreon, you will get the following storytelling goodies:

  • A monthly Writing Myth Debunked
  • Access to my Writing Block Blog 24 hours before the public
  • A monthly Writer Q&A
  • Occasional behind-the-page exclusives of my own work
  • A monthly, 20-minute video editing session (limited)

How Does My Support Help You?

As a freelancer and writing instructor, every penny counts, and I will not be able to dedicate the time I need to write all the stories rattling around in my brain without your help. Specifically, your support goes to:

  • Subscription fees for job sites
  • Website domain and design fees
  • Subscription fees for industry magazines and calls for submissions
  • Hiring a proofreader for my manuscript
  • Subscription fees for writing software such as MS Word 365, Scrivener, Grammarly, etc.
  • Maintenence fees for my equipment such as my laptop, webcam, phone, and internet
  • Student loans for my MFA and BA
  • My goddamn mortgage

Where Can I Read More of Your Work? Hire You?

My website! It collects my writing from all over the web. Visit it here: www.ellemichaelriver.com I also dump a lot of undercooked ideas on Twitter, share pictures of my cat on Instagram, and I have a really boring Facebook page that I sometimes update with memes and articles.

Need a writer? A manuscript surgeon? Check out my portfolio for all my services.

38% complete
If I reach my goal, I'll start a monthly, writing uncensored video where I'll talk about one aspect of writing like character development, plot, setting, style, etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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