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  • Right now, I'm not able to post regularly here on Patreon, but if you want to support me anyway, I'd very much appreciate it!




Hi there!
Thank you for stopping by at my Patreon! If you don't know me - here is a short introduction of who I am and what I do:

About me

I'm Ellen and I'm studying psychology in Munich. But in my free time I love to draw - A LOT! I'd describe my style between western and japanese. Most of the time I create Mangas/Comics, but I also enjoy illustrating digital artworks which display either fanart or OCs.

Content on Patreon

I never took money for my Mangas/Comics or artworks - except for printed stuff - and uploaded everything for free on social media. I still want to be able to share as much art as I can without worrying about financial problems. So I decided to make a Patreon page to give you an opportunity to support me if you like my stories and/or artworks! You will get something very cool every month - e.g. exclusive Patreon artwork (NSFW and SFW), high resolution pictures, pdf tutorials, Clip Paint Studio Ex files, etc. 

With your help I will be able to continue drawing in my free time without worrying too much about how to pay different things in life. I can engage in my hobby despite being still a student and improve as much as possible. And in the end you can enjoy more art here and on social media!


I have so many projects in store that I can't quite point a finger in one direction. But right now my main goal is to finish my Manga called "Seikkailija" (this is finnish for "adventurer"), which is about mythical creatures in a fantasy world and their adventures - with a hint of boys love. I started the story in 2016, but never published it online. With your help I want to continue their adventure, share their story with you and create more art!

When I'm not drawing Mangas, I create different artworks and fanarts. I'm a digital artist, so I can share my files and tutorials with you, if you're curious how I work. I also love to draw NSFW stuff (mostly boys love, but sometimes just sexy men) - be prepared for some hot stuff once in a while ;-)

I also love to write novels - but unfortunately they are all in german. I can't promise to translate them in the future, but I'd still appreciate it a lot if you want to support my other passion!

Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate it ♥
You're the reason why I can keep up my passion!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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