Ellen Million

is creating Interactive projects for fantasy artists
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About Ellen Million

What is Ellen Million Graphics?

Ellen Million Graphics is a small business run by Ellen Million that focuses on inspiring, educating, and enriching fantasy artists and writers. These projects include Sketch Fest (a monthly creative jam for visual artists), Portrait Adoption (an artwork service for people seeking character portraits), and Torn World (a shared science fantasy world). These projects are on other platforms than Patreon, but this site gives you a handy way to support the work I put in to keep them going! 

Why should you support EMG?

These projects take a fair amount of upkeep - keeping the coding modern, dealing with customers on behalf of artists, answering questions, retrieving passwords, hosting the webpages, coordinating communication, maintaining social media... and as much as I can delegate, a lot of this works falls to me by necessity, or actively costs me money. EMG, while beloved, is not a money-making venture for me. And when I have the choice between doing paying work and spending my time on improving EMG and running Sketch Fests, I have to make the choice that is sensible for supporting my family and future! When you support EMG on Patreon, you are enabling me to continue keeping these projects going. With enough support, we can make improvements, add extra events, do more, dream bigger! I have no end of ideas... but I do have financial limits. 

Patreon is far from the only way to support EMG - you can also do so by purchasing coloring booksadopting portraits, buying Sketch Fest artwork, or making a one-time donation

Who is Ellen?

I'm pretty much an unstoppable creative force.  I write romantic fiction, draw highly detailed fantasy coloring pages, organize projects with other artists and writers, program webpages, and play in the snow with my daughter. 

Feel free to use the follow button (in the upper right above the title graphic next to the social media buttons) to add my public activity to your feed and keep tabs on what I'm doing!

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