Ellen Million is creating Fantasy and sci fi stories, artwork (coloring pages) and more!

A Random Digital Thank You

$1 /mo
You are eligible for digital patron goodies! Every month you'll receive something digitally - a coloring page, a digital stamp, a wallpaper, a story or poem, a reserved photograph, sneak previews.....

Coloring Addict

$4 /mo
You'll receive a coloring design from my archives each month, in addition to all the previous rewards. 

A Random Physical Thank You

$5 /mo
At this level, you will receive all previous levels, plus a 10% discount on any publication or original artwork purchase (not including shipping - please contact me to redeem this). Every six m...

Dirty Deeds

$10 /mo
You receive everything from the previous rewards, and also a steamy short story every other month (January, March, etc). I write light erotica on the side, and you may get a story later reserved fo...

A Portrait For You

$20 /mo
In addition to the previous rewards, you'll get a character portrait (or sexy pin-up sketch) in pencil or ink every year and receive the original in the mail.  

A Custom Coloring Page

$30 /mo
In addition to all previous rewards, you'll also receive a highly-detailed custom coloring page, drawn and inked especially for you, once per year.  You'll receive the original, too! (I reserve all...