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Even something small can have a big impact. Give a few dollars to wish me well. Or tell me 3 things you wish to see more of. Be as open-ended or randomly specific as you want. No promises, but I'll see what I can do! They might prompt a series of fun doodles, or influence what art projects I make/share next.
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Coffee Break

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Cheers, you've (virtually) treated me to (real) coffee & snacks! Now I can take a break to brainstorm ideas, step forward on a writing goal, research grants, take a walk to snap photos... or sketch something silly on my napkins. Glad to take requests! (Never know, could be the next big thing.)   + prior benefits
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Lunchtime etc.

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It's like you got me lunch. Or the perfect refill on art supplies to finish that project just when I needed it. Or time to test my latest product idea, or found-object craft. Maybe calligraphy or characters are this month's thing. I'll take some cool pictures, write up a blurb, and show it to you & the world.   +prior benefits
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About Ellen

If you know me already, or met me at an event, you might be familiar with my creative projects. Working primarily in illustration, I mix media in various styles, and often pair visual art with live experience. I draw everywhere, invent fantastical stories, make children's book art and comics, display in local galleries, lead art workshops, photograph everything, and explore new materials and methods. Occasionally, I have combined all these interests into interactive story-based gallery exhibits. I intentionally overlap with other art forms, sketching on location at music and theater shows, then sharing in person and online.

The artwork I'm most passionate about tends to be socially engaging: volunteering for a cause, collaborating with up-and-coming/indie writers and performers, teaching kids, inspiring creativity in everyday life, connecting people with helpful resources, and mutually beneficial on several levels. For example, involvement with a local gallery or theater group contributes to my creative practice, fellow artists, the organization, and the community. With funding, I envision scaling up these efforts to proactively pitch ideas and forge partnerships, where I can offer unique artistic services in meaningful ways.

In my artistic practice, I savor the experience of making and learning. I want to showcase more art experiments, featuring this process of discovery that leads to fresh solutions. This entails expanding on my website and social media to include more documentary photos and visual demos, instructional booklets, and short videos. I am excited to generate new online content that everyone can enjoy from anywhere. You can witness their creation, but more than that, I hope they will inspire your own creative thoughts and projects!

Starting in February 2021, I've refreshed my Patreon to fund these ongoing endeavors. Your contributions sponsor new/ongoing original artwork and my participation in events like LIC Arts Open, Kids Comic Con, and National Novel Writing Month. I will offer public thanks on my website ("this was made possible by...") and attached to certain art/books/products as they develop. Everyone will receive the free mini-comics and coloring pages produced, and exclusive perks will be added to Patreon - surprise gifts and special activities - as it grows.

Learn more about my art & events at: www.EllesaurArts.com
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For awhile now, I've wanted to try this out. Since my complex plots and characters tend to get in the way, my new approach is to fill it with absurdities instead. Currently doodling in a few directions, testing content, and hoping to interest an audience (that's you!) before any official launch.
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