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About Ellie Ford

I'm Ellie Ford.
I am a musician and songwriter. I play harp and sing.
I'm all about mixing my harp with effects pedals and loops and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with my instrument and songwriting.
I have ideas to explore, new music to release, videos to make, things to say, discussions to have, and I want to invite you to join me in that process.

What do I get?
In exchange for your subscription I will give you access to my music and bring you into the world in which it exists. I'll show you my creative processes with equipment demos, behind the scenes content, and Q&A’s. You’ll get early access to ALL of my new music, videos, livestream gigs & sessions as well as exclusive Patreon-only content, made specifically fo you! Plus you’ll be directly supporting me and enabling me to keep control over what I make, when I make it and what I do with it, which is honestly, PRICELESS. This is an opening into my creative world, an invitation to join me in a new way of producing and sharing my music.

Why use Patreon?
In general, as audiences we are used to engaging with and consuming music in a free manner. However, we should note that we're not actually getting it for free, in reality we pay for it with our advertising revenue - the potential gain from having our ears and eyes on a site.
Simultaneously as an independentcreator it is becoming difficult for me to get the things that i make to you without handing over a small fortune to tech giants like Facebook and Google. it's not an arrangement that either the creator or audience really benefit from, so I'm suggesting we change it!

With Patreon we can establish a direct connection between the person who creates the stuff (that's me), and the people who like the stuff (that's you!).
Funny thing is, it's nothing new! Artists and creatives have been supported by Patrons for centuries, and without patronage we wouldn't have the greats like A Midsummer Night's Dream or The Mona Lisa!
What I like about Patreon is that I'm not asking one person for a tonne of money (although don't get me wrong, if you have a tonne of money and would like to give it to me to turn into music, I'd be delighted to) it's about lots of people contributing something towards the things I make. It adds up and provides me with the support I need to spend the hours wading around mushy creative landscapes in the process of extracting gold! Really though, consistent quality creative work doesn't just happen! It takes time and needs nurturing.

How much do I pay?
Having given some thought to how I want to structure things, all members will get access to the same content and benefits, and what you pay depends on you and your situation. It's a model based on inclusivity, and paying what you can, and I think it will work.

Obviously the more support I get, the more I can make and release, so ultimately the more you get, one may call this a mutually beneficial situation!

I've outlined some pricing tiers to give an idea of what your options are, so pick a tier that works for you, and lets get started!

EF x

If you want to know more about Patreon and how it works, they've made a really good short explanation video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwvUjAv6pxg, it's worth watching!

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