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About EllirhShaan

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Hi there! I'm Shaan, freelance illustrator and some kind of a comic artist. I wouldn't complain about poor life, hungry artists and wishes of getting money by making favourite things.
It doesn't works, I've already checked.

My "Fading World" is a free graphic novel with the story set in Narrahs - an ancient world populated by many independent races and creatures. After enduring a global magical cataclysm inhabitants of central part of Narrahs have been trying to survive and adapt to environmental changes for three thousand years. The results of their attempts are ultimately for you to judge.
Where you can find and read it:
Comic site - Full info about setting, comic and characters in one place. 
Dillyhub - classic format of comic pages
Webtoon - "webcomic" format in apps.

Attention for new patrons! Some parts of content are placed on my site (not here) because Patreon doesn't intended to be a comic or picture gallery and strongly reduces the quality of all images. You can find the link and password by "access" featured tag.
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Поскольку с июля 2020го патреон начал брать ндс сверх суммы поддержки, я настоятельно советую спонсорам из СНГ переместиться на бусти или донат ВК. Там у меня постоянный курс в 60р за 1 бакс и никаких неожиданных платежей сверху установленной вами суммы.  
$285.16 of $300 per month
  • The time and number of my commissions will be shorten and pages will be drawn more often and regular. 
  • 4+ pages per month.

  • Я снижу количество заказов и страницы будут выходить чаще.
  • 4+ страницы в месяц.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts

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