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About Ellis Delaney

I am a singer, songwriter and guitarist who is writing music with the hope of opening people's hearts. I write to help myself heal, and hopefully help others heal as well!  The biggest compliment I could receive is that my music made a difference in your life in some way, and helped you to find a sense of belonging, connection, and hope. 

Patreon is a way to support artists directly, sort of a modern-day patron-of-the-arts. But instead of the old model of one major patron, this a way for lots of folks to become micro-patrons and together become that bedrock of support for artists like me.

Music sales are declining, and not just a little.  My iTunes music download income dropped 93% last year.  93% is not a typo - it is the new reality.  Folks want music on demand, and are preferring streaming... including me!  I subscribe to those same music services and the only album I bought last year (besides more than a dozen indie Kickstarter and Pledge Music projects) was Hamilton!  But streaming pays much less even than those limited sales. 

Touring has been primarily supported by my music sales income. With that gone, I need to find something else to sell... maybe soap! :)  I will still do shows locally, and some limited touring to festivals and a few key areas where I can offset the travel costs with just the show income, but it is limiting things a bit. I promise I will keep doing Concert Window shows so anyone on the planet can tune in!

I always had a dream of giving my music to anyone who needed it.  I used to think that I had to wait until I "made it big", but with that huge drop in music sales, I realized "why not give it away now?"  So I am!  You can download my albums for free (or make a donation) on bandcamp

There are so many ways!  One way is to become a Patron. Pledging at any level helps me!  Some folks pledge a small amount here, and also send donations via mail. Some folks have sponsored things (like my piano! :) and others participate in the Kickstarter Campaigns that cover recording costs. Some host concerts. And others have signed up for guitar lessons. I also plan to host a retreat of some kind, and if you become a Patron, you will be the first to know. 

I would be so happy if a few philanthropists signed up as major donors at $1000 or more a month, and I would be thrilled to play an annual show at their place or some other fun activity.  But I'd also be thrilled to have 1000 folks pay $1 a month. I just want to be able to keep making music and be a part of supporting my family!  

If you choose to become a patron, I hope you to find a level of giving that brings you joy and feels AWESOME!  You matter and are helping me do this, no matter your amount of giving!

Thank you thank you for reading this, supporting the music, and being you! 
wishing you much peace love wonder and music,
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Retreat - I'll set up an annual creative retreat and you will be invited to sign up first! 
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