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About Milena Popova

We all know about rape culture: how sexual assault and rape are minimised as just "boys being boys", victims and survivors are disbelieved or blamed outright, how the powerful prey on the powerless. #metoo

What I am working towards is a culture of consent: a culture where we respect each other's bodily autonomy, where we value our own and each other's sexuality and humanity.

But we have a long way to go before we get there. We need to fix our laws, our education, and perhaps above all, our culture. And this is where, with your help, I can make a difference.

So if you've got this far and are considering supporting me, or are already supporting me, thank you so much! You're amazing, and you're helping make the world a better place!

Who are you again?
I am Milena, a queer, non-binary, mouthy, migrant human. I have been a writer, blogger, and activist on a range of issues from digital right to sexual violence and queer issues for nearly a decade, and more recently, I have completed a PhD in consent and popular culture at the Digital Cultures Research Centre, UWE Bristol. Think of me as a molten core of rage wrapped in academic citations.

So what do you actually do?
I am producing a range of content, from Twitter threads and blog posts, to talks and academic papers. I want to make academic theory and feminist thought on this subject accessible to a wider audience, but also engage with the good, the bad and the ugly of how sexuality is represented in popular culture. So expect me dissecting your favourite TV show, talking about what fan fiction does (and doesn't) do better than mainstream culture, or delving into some heavy-duty feminist legal theory in ways that are easily digestible.

What will my money be going towards?
Your support enables me to carve out time to do this work properly. It means I have enough stability to turn down freelance work in favour of focusing on this project, and to choose future research projects which also directly feed into this work. In the long run, I hope it will enable me to make direct interventions by educating writers and creators of popular culture about consent, and how they can make a difference through their work.

I can't afford a monthly contribution but still want to help.
That's great, and any support is always greatly appreciated. The easiest ways to get money to me as a one-off gesture are to buy me coffee or send me money via PayPal.

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Reaching $100/month will be a major confidence boost for me as I will know people value my work and want to help me make the world a better place. As a thank-you, the patrons who get me to that first major milestone will all receive a shout-out on Twitter and a personalised email from me.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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