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What Is Integralism?

Integralism is a blueprint for perceiving the world through the lens of Natural law: decoding apparent complexity through the application of Natural simplicity, thus revealing the implicit operations of Nature. It is grounded in the concept of synarchy (literally “ruling together”) – a word used here to refer to the inherent organizational tendencies of Nature, independent of human interference.

Synarchic systems incorporate both hierarchical (vertical, scalar, or consolidated) and heterarchical (horizontal, concurrent, or distributed) structures.

Nature implicitly manifests hierarchical structures. This is evident in observing the multiplicity of animate and inanimate forms in our universe – from the smallest organism up to the most complex forms of life, from quantum particles to mega-galaxies.

Simultaneously, Nature also manifests heterarchical structures – distributed nodal systems of similar expressions interacting within a specific scope. Relationships between peers of the same species, similar atoms, and planetary bodies are evidence of heterarchy in Nature.

Synarchy is the Natural systemic coordination of hierarchy and heterarchy. The elements of this Natural synarchy are the salient orienting principles for any form of activity. Integralism is an emulation of that structure, and those elements, applicable to all spheres of manifestation.

The Natural synarchy (or Cosmos) is an incredibly vast, interconnected phenomenon. Divining the genuine operating principles of Nature when viewing the Cosmos from a limited perspective is quite challenging. However, the result of a diligent inquiry into the Cosmos is the discovery that Nature’s complexity is a result of a primal, ubiquitous simplicity.

The Methods of Integration are the core practices of Integralism. Integration begins with orienting the individual to the world, and thereafter proceeds to provide methods for individual and collective development, using Natural law as its basis.

The upcoming book, Integralism, will focus on the Methods of Integration, and future works will delve into specific topics derived from these methods.


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