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  • Donate to IngeniousApplications to help us offset our operating costs. Currently, we do not earn any money and thus all our servers are fully paid by the owner, XtremeCoder. Help us out by donating to us!
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Hosting a music bot is expensive considering the resources required to keep it up. As such, hosting is expensive. Help us out by paying a part of the host's cost!

By helping us, you get:

- Select x servers of your choice to become premium. The value of x will be (amount donated / 5), rounded down.

Premium Servers get access to premium features and premium commands, such as the volume command.

After donation, please contact XtremeCoder#4598 through the main server, stating

> Your Patreon Account Name

> Amount you donated

> Server ID(s) that you want to be premium.

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Sponsor the FULL OPERATING COSTS for all our services!

This tier will guarantee you a staff position at IngeniousApps, and you will be given something awesome!

At the moment, we are playing for everything ourselves. We would appreciate it if somebody helps to pay for the full operating costs!

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About IngeniousApplications

IngeniousApplications is a mini software developing organisation developing lots of applications to allow users to have a enhanced life. Our website is

All our projects can also be found here!

Thank you for donating to us too! Funding a server is expensive and we have been paying for the costs ourselves. By donating to us, you help us ease the monetary contributions that we have to pay for in order to keep the organisation running. Thanks! <3

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All the costs for our servers running our services would Be fully paid for - and we would be able to get ourself some coffee as treats.
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