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By pledging to this tier, you are helping me fight against my video covers and reactions getting demonetized!  Thanks so much for helping me support my YouTube channel and music! 

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About Elvann

Hey there my dear friend! 
Welcome to my Patreon page!

I'm Elvann and I'm a recording artist who creates acoustic & metal covers on YouTube, inspired by fantasy stories.  My style is a blend of Nightwish, Lord of the RingAURORA & Loreena McKennit.  My ultimate goal is to write & record my own original music in that style.  My music includes a blend of operatic female vocals and electric harp!

Why I need your support?
I have created this Patreon page because I LOVE doing those covers & creating original music, and I always will, but creating high quality music recordings & video productions is extremely time consuming.  For both cost and time related reasons, I am currently releasing only one song a month.  At the moment, each acoustic cover I create costs me nearly 100USD, and about 4-6 weeks to put together from arranging for publishing the video.  That, of course, excludes my time, equipment costs, and monthly software licenses, and other musicians.

Here's what I'd like to do with your support:
  • Paying the sound engineer fairly
  • Hiring music editors so I can put more time on vocals, harp & arrangements
  • Hiring video editors so I can already go ahead and start recording more
  • Hiring guest musicians to perform along with me (i.e metal band, cellist, etc.)
  • Upgrading the quality of my gear & space and covering the software licenses I need
  • Maybe one day being able to hire a band to help with metal arrangements.
My goal would be to manage to create music full-time in a way that is sustainable for me.  Right now, a lot of my energy needs to go into other things and I cannot afford to dedicate as much time as I would like creating music, but your help can change that!

Your support is absolutely essential for me in creating those covers!  As I said, I will always do it, because it's my passion and I just love it, but realistically, there's only so much I can really do on my own.  The more help I have, the better and more frequently I'll be able to make this music!

Other ways to support my music:

PS: Here's a couple things you might want to check out as well:
$500 - reached! per month
Hitting this goal will mean I will be covering the basic expenses associated with making 1 cover a month, and earning about minimum wage for the time I spend on them. Yay!
Though I won't fully be able to let go of all the other things I need to do to sustain myself, I'll be able to sort-of justify the crazy amount of time I spend on music creation!
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