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Every little bit helps me create more of the stuff you like!  I'm sincerly extremely grateful for any help given! <3


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About Elvann

"The Geek Gamer Girl that Plays Harp & Sings Opera"

Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Elvann. I'm a classicaly trained singer and a harpist, along being a complete geek and a gamer!  What I do mostly is streaming music on Twitch .  I do live performance, composition & recording, and I also sometimes play games (ARK + Overwatch).  My main influences are Nightwish, Epica & Within Temptation. ( Here's my Streaming Schedule)

If you're a little curious about hearing what I do, you can always spy on my soundcloud!  >> BECOME A STALKER <<

My dream would be to become a fulltime streamer so I can allow more time to performing & creating music, but that can only be possible with your help.

That's why I'm on Patreon I want to keep building this awesome community that we have, make more recordings and create original music.  I want to be able to dedicate all my time to creating cool music, and right now, school & work feel a little in the way of these projects that I'm building.

What is Patreon and how does it work?

Patreon is an online platform that allows you to support your favorite content creators on a monthly basis.  Creating quality content on a regular basis is very demanding in terms of time investement and financial resources.  For creatives like me, having a regular income is really the missing key to realize these dream projects and bring them to life.   These funds would help me out cover my daily expenses so I can really safely focus on making these projects happen, and gradually transition from relying on spending all my time teaching and finding new students to actually give my all to creating music.

What's great about Patreon, is it's really up to you to decide if and how much you want to pledge, and you can stop any time that you wish without any obligation!  For the duration of your Patronage, I'll give you some special access to the content I create.   My streams will always remain free, and regardless of what you decide to do I will always love you anyway!  Your presence & participation in the chat and in the Discord always makes my day!

Either way, I'm inviting you to joind my discord server: >> JOIN THE AWESOME HARPY COMMUNITY <<  We're having an awesome community of people, and I just love to connect with all of you in this way!  Also, all Patron rewards will be given there, as well as all the official annoucnements and early access stuff! :)  If you decide to pledge, you should be automatically given the "Patron" role, and you'll get the vip access accordingly to your pledging tier :)

Thanks a lot for comming by, and I'm looking foward to creating more music with you!

PS: VERY IMPORTANT INFO >> No, you can't use a harp as a fish.
20% complete

When we reach a total of 10 Patrons, I'll stop changin my mind on what goals I want to put here! >.<
No but for real, I think I'll throw a "Live Learn" Giveaway for all my Patrons, so you get a chance of getting me to learn the one song you'd really really like me to try live, and I'll give it my best for 15 minutes.  Since I get a lot of requests to learn stuff, here's a nice chance for your song to get the spotlight!  Does that sound like a cool idea?
(PS: The song might or might not get added to the official songlist afterward.  Also keep in mind the song has to be appropriate enough for the stream.)
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