Lee Bowes-Russell is creating 2D/3D Portraiture, Fantasy, Concept Art. Commission Status: OPEN

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$7.50 or more per month patrons
  • You will receive a brand new, never before seen asset for one of the Daz3D male figures.

    (Currently I am favouring Genesis 8 Male).

    One month before they are available on our RenderHub store... be it:

  • A head and/ or body morph (created in ZBrush). 
  • A pose pack.
  • Accessories (Props etc).

Every month for Daz Studio 4+.

This content is offered to my Patrons ahead of the general release date as a thank you for your support.

As each month expires, so will the assets offered for that month. This way I hope to keep the content fresh and current.

  • This rule doesn't apply to BONUS content. Bonuses will stay on the download links at my discretion.

Future assets will be made available at the beginning of each month. Whichever day the new asset is posted on will be the day it is removed in the following month. I hope that makes sense.

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$10 or more per month patrons

Share some love for my artwork... and keep me inspired to make new renderings of hot men in both 2D/ 3D...

... and you will receive access to my full sized portraits of celebrities and homo-erotic (non adult) artworks throughout the month...

... along with  my 2D/ 3D tricks for making awesome artworks... to help you grow into the artist you want to be :D

$15 or more per month patrons
 Subscribers Login

You will be granted EXCLUSIVE access to my hungbucksin3D.com (18+) along with access to the individual posts in this tier.

Your membership will include the following:


  • Access to my extensive galleries:
  • Gene Lightfoot in 3D                          (His official home).
  • Gene Lightfoot Commissions.
  • Realworld Hunks
  • Himbo's
  • Regular images of Gene getting freaky and going about his business.
  • Bonus images each month. As and when I have spare time.

Please note: Usernames and passwords are issued after your first pledge is received. I have had to review my 48hour access due to several fraudulent pledges. 

Commission Me (3D)
$60 or more per month patrons
Like my work... want to commission me once a month... every month... for an adult or none adult piece... then this is the tier for you.

  • Why not have your own character(s) rendered in 3D in my unique style each and every month.
  • Perfect for seeing more of my own characters as you want to see them. You get to be the director.

I really enjoy bringing 2D characters  to life in 3D. it's been a hobby of mine for a number of years ;)

Commission Me (Digital Painting)
$90 or more per month patrons
With this tier you will be able to book a six hour digital painting slot, each and every month, for the life of your subscription.

  • More than enough time to create a detailed portrait of your loved one, favourite celebrity or even a fantasy character.

All artworks hand painted in Photoshop. Please provide clear references, from as many angles as possible. Examples of my painted artworks can be found on my elvenesque.com