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About Elven Tower

Hey traveler!

Our only purpose is to create fantastic locations and write adventures. Thanks to the awesome folks who value our work we are able to do that. We are the creators of Elven Tower. Preview our cartography content here: Map-Adventure Vault.

We thank you wholeheartedly for considering supporting my work. We owe it all to my followers and try to give back as much as we can with our creations. Thanks for visiting this page.

If you are already a patron, you can visit this Compilation Thread with all the stuff.

What's in here?

We create maps of fantastic locations an adventure ideas. They come in packs with different variations like DM and Player map. With and without labels, printer friendly and Roll20 versions when possible. But it's not just illustrations, most of the time I also write background lore, adventure hooks and other usable content. All this compiled in pretty PDF format, along with the maps.  Higher pledge levels include other benefits like Photoshop files, commissioned maps and commercial use.

How to begin?

Once you become our supporter on patreon, you will have access to all past releases and the ones to come. The compilation page is stickied above. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Photoshop Files?

I work with photoshop and illustrate my maps from the ground up, My $3.00 dollar pledge level gives you access to my photoshop source files. This is great if you're interested in seeing what my work files look like for learning purposes. It's also extremely useful to modify or tailor the illustration to your needs.

All the maps are registered under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC.
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Time for serious stuff.

I'm planning a map compendium of 50-70 maps with their lore and adventure ideas in printed form. This is a new thing for me as it involves document layout for printing purposes. I'll need an editor too.

The plan involves kickstarting the creation process of this product and then using Drivethru RPG for the Print-on Demand service.
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