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About Em-One

Welcome to the Em-One Patreon page!!!

I make tasty jams on the interwebs and have been for over 10 years now. During this time I've made everything you like. Do you like music inspired by ducks? I did that. Music about old dogs abandoned by the sea? I've done that too. Luther Vandross inspired remixes about genitalia...Believe it or not I did that as well.

So now Patreon! Basically, for all this time I've been working in IT to make a living in a tiny cramped room that is my studio and home however in order to start making more music, and of the quality my fans deserve, I've realised I need to absolutely focus my time and effort on my creative work. While also paying rent...

So Patreon! This way I give fans what they've wanted i.e, more music, demos, instrumentals and merchandise while still being able to eat.
So thank you for visiting my page and potentially pledging to the 'keep Em-One alive' fund.

Enjoy :3
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This much will give me enough to start focussing solely on my music, which means more songs a month!!!
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