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Hej, I'm Emelie Waldken and I play nyckelharpa and fiddle ! I have studied classical and baroque violin in my native Switzerland until I discovered folk music, first celtic then scandinavian. I went to Sweden to study the latest in depth and understood this was my path in Life : making music ! This means performing, recording, composing, arranging and also teaching my passion. Scandinavian folk music is my main focus but I also play celtic tunes, medieval airs and more modern pieces. I also sometimes add to my music some singing, medieval rebec and hurdy-gurdy. Always curious and motivated, I work solo aswell as in several projects, with fellow musicians from Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France...

You can explore my personal webpage
And learn musical tricks in my Scandi Folk Nerd videos.

These videos are the main reason for me to have this Patreon account. When I started digging into scandi folk music, I had lots of difficulties finding informations, especially because I didn't speak any scandinavian language back then. It's in order to help people who are also fond of this music but are facing similar difficulties that I started making those videos. They are mostly aimed at fellow musicians but anyone with an interest in scandi repertoire can learn many little tricks, and I guess folk dancers also can (I am also a folk dance teacher).

Music is a beautiful way of life but it's also very challenging, because most of our work is invisible. Hours of alone practice, of rehearsals, buying new strings, taking courses (always learning !), taking care of beloved instruments, renting studios, travelling hundreds of km, promoting gigs, organizing workshops, composing and arranging tunes (and the creative process sometimes takes up to years for a tune), buying new microphones... all this is extremely costy - without even talking about "normal human things" like food and a place to live !

Your support here on Patreon will not only help me go on with my videos : it will help me make them better, with better light and sound and editing ; it will give me the opportunity to invest into better microphones to perform and record with a truest sound ; it will help me renew my strings & co regularly and take care of my instruments to keep up with the good sound ; it will encourage me to compose more tunes, put them into tunebooks with good arrangements for you to play, and record them myself with great fellow musicians in good sound quality ...and so much more !
Every help makes a difference for me and is truly, deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for your support !

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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