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You will also get access to patron-only content. That means: Short fiction! Sketches! Behind-the-scenes updates! Quotes and excerpts from my books in progress! Access to the community board!


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You'll get ALL of my books, sent directly to your email. ALL new releases, and access to patron-only content!

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About E. M. Epps

Hello there, friendly being! My name Emma Epps and I'm a writer.

If you found my books on Amazon or in the wild and you want to read more, you're in the right place. Or if you enjoy my free book reviews and travelogues and want to support me in making more, you're also in the right place.

Let me start with the really short explanation.

This website you're on is called Patreon. You can buy my books individually on Amazon, but they take a big cut and it's not a particularly good deal either for you or for me. But Patreon is more like a subscription: you pay me directly to write. This could be a very tiny amount, like $1 a month, or, if you're rich and awesome, it could be a lot more. In exchange, you get access to things only patrons get! For example:
  • $1 a month gets you stories, excerpts, and posts that are available only to patrons.
  • $2 a month or more gets you copies of everything I have written and will write. Currently, that's seven books for less than the cost of one hardcover at Barnes & Noble. And I add one or two books a year, which won't cost you a penny extra!
  • $5 a month or more and you start getting Reward Points to spend on goodies like signed paperbacks, original art, stickers, and video chat Q&As! These aren't like those obnoxious reward points that build up slowly and expire when you're not looking. These actually get you neat things soon, and they last forever.

So, in other words, if you like my writing, get it here. I promise you won't regret it.

Okay, that was the short intro. If you're still here, here's the longer About Me. I write:

Fiction. My books usually have magic in them, so they're fantasy, but they rarely fit into a nice subgenre like epic, urban, steampunk, or grimdark. To give you an idea: my most well-known novel is a court intrigue drama told from the point of view of an interpreter on a diplomatic mission...and my most recent novel is a romantic comedy set in a high-magic alternate America. I get around.

Things I like to write about are linguistics, comedy, music, art, magic, war, love, friendship, politics, philosophy, culture clash, and ethical conundrums. I can't personally lay claim to being funny, but my characters sometimes are. You can find excerpts of my books here.

Book reviews. In my day job, I'm a bookseller. I write two-paragraph reviews of every book I read, which means mostly sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, classic literature, and assorted nonfiction - history, science, psychology, and whatever peculiar subject I need to understand for what I'm writing at the moment. The reviews are available free online. You can read some recent highlights here, and there's also a link to sign up for my review newsletter.

Travelogues. My travelogues are neither the terrifying-cockroach-hostel kind nor the five-star-hotel kind, more the inevitably-things-go-slightly-wrong kind. I wish I had the chance to write more of these. My most recent travel journal is here, and it'll be expanded when I put it into paperback form.

Some months I write tens of thousands of words of fiction; some months I write no fiction but bust out dozens of book reviews. I get to travel (and therefore write a travelogue) once every two years or so. And sometimes I need a break from looking at words, so I draw. You may not be interested in all of these things, but I can promise you, your patronage will be turned directly into creative work.

I spend between 25 and 35 hours a week at creative projects. If you believe I should be able to do that and also be able to afford health insurance, Patreon is the system that lets you chip in. And I try to make dang sure you get some really cool rewards in return.

Patreon signup

By becoming a patron, you're pledging to give a set amount every month. This renews indefinitely unless you cancel.

You will be charged for the current month as soon as you pledge (since you get access to my work right away), and thereafter charged on the 1st of each month.

If you pledge $1/month....

If you're a bronze level subscriber, you immediately get access to all my patron-only posts. I will also add your email address to my secret list so you don't miss any updates ;)

If you pledge $2+/month or more....

You'll immediately get access to all my patron-only posts. And watch your email, because I'll be sending you a batch of books! I provide all common formats.

While I try really hard to get ebooks sent to new subscribers within 24 hours of receiving your pledge notification, it could potentially take a couple of days. Especially in the Summer or holidays when my workload is highest.

Each new release will be sent as an ebook within a week of release to any patron pledged at $2/month or more. Other than make sure I have your current email address, you don't have to do anything special. :)

If you pledge $5+/month or more....

As soon as you sign up, you will start accumulating points that you can use in my Patron Reward Store! I tried to make sure all subscriber levels could get cool things without having to wait for points to accumulate (or conversely, watching points add up uselessly). Here are examples of a few things available in the store:
  • additional ebook downloads to give as gifts
  • stickers featuring the Autransi family crest
  • signed paperbacks
  • get me to send you a postcard!
  • get me to make you custom book recommendations!
  • original, one-of-a-kind art
  • custom art just for you!
  • choose a book for me to review
  • ask me questions over video chat
  • get me to write a story based on your prompts!
  • and more....
You can check out the store here: http://www.emepps.com/rewards/

The number of points you get per subscription tier is listed under Rewards. If you're on a mobile device, you may have to look for the Rewards tab on my main profile.

You don't have to keep track of your points. Right now there's no way for you to look them up (since I calculate them in a spreadsheet - nothing fancy), but I'll send around an email every October telling you how many you currently have and poking you to check out the reward store. :) I mail out goodies in batches around November 1st.

Books currently available

A fine print thing: Sometimes I have one book (it rotates) under a 90-day Amazon exclusive contract for marketing reasons. So, while you are guaranteed to get all the books if you stay a patron, be aware that one of them will arrive a bit slower than the others!

Other fine print: I also write non-fantasy Regency romances under a pseudonym. They are included in what Patrons of $2+/month receive! However, to keep my secret identity somewhat separate, if you want them you will have to first become a patron and then ask. :)

Works in progress (not in any order)

  • A direct sequel to Cold Sandwiches and All. Working title: Reasonable Dread.
  • An Atlantide book set about a decade later. Title: Argument, with Occasional Magic.
  • A handful of Atlantide short stories.
  • A sequel to You Made My Heart a Hunter. Title: On the Side of Mercy. This is written, but needs...work.

Things I'm thinking about for the future
A series of picaresque short novels set in the Atlantide universe about...weaving, the family dynamics of Hena houses, and the pleasure of clever lies.
$72.68 of $350 per month
This brings me up to my previous income before I reduced my work hours to spend more time writing. So: it directly pays for my writing time. :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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