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About Emfozzing Enterprises

Emfozzing Enterprises, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that promotes the works of speculative fiction authors and the speculative fiction genre by creating a space online and in person that facilitates discussion, analysis, recommendation, and distribution of these works. We also work to foster diverse creativity within our community and throughout the world, and use thoughtful discussion and enthusiastic creation to learn more about the world around us.

Our primary in-person space is CrossingsCon, which started as the universe's first Young Wizards convention and has grown into what we like to call the crossroads of everyone’s favorite fictional universes. Our primary online space is the Young Wizards Slack, which also began as a place for members of the community to discuss YW books, and now includes channels for those as well as just about everything else under the sun! In addition to building those communities and making them better than ever (CC 2021—be there or be non-Euclidean!), we’re also excited to announce a new project: the Linguistics After Dark (LxAD) podcast!

At CC 2019, we held our first official “After Dark” panel, Linguistics After Dark, featuring our staff’s resident linguists and a whole lot of questions from the crowd. The panel did their best to answer the questions, despite their lack of preparation time, sleep, and—in some cases—sobriety. At least two people said, “can we pay you money to do this more often?” and we’ve decided that, yes, yes you absolutely can.

The Linguistics After Dark podcast is now live! And as before, here's we promise:
  • All episodes of the LxAD podcast will be made available for free to everyone who wants to hear them.
  • We will take question submissions from anyone who wants to ask something.
  • We will also engage in plenty of other shenanigans.

We are super excited about all these things, and we would love to have your support as we go forward!

Donations to this Patreon will be allocated to funding and operating the podcast, the convention, and the online communities that support both. All of us are volunteering our time for these projects, so this income is crucial to help us cover operating expenses and equipment to keep us going! Once our expenses are covered, we’ll be using some of the money to help people come to CrossingsCon who otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and the rest will go toward making CrossingsCon even more awesome, getting cool guests for the podcast, or giving us the freedom to expand into other projects that fit our mission.

You can find both CrossingsCon and LxAD on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as @CrossingsCon and @LxADpodcast.
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