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Sparkle budd

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Green, small and full of potential! This tier gives you access to:
  • The "Budd" role and a Patron-exclusive channel in my Discord server!
  • Speedpixels for most of my pieces
  • Patreon-exclusive updates on my game projects
  • Public game updates two days early
  • One-week early access to all my free games (not applicable to game jam projects)
  • Access to all my project files and code
Includes Discord benefits

Celestial sapling

reward item
per month
You've grown quite a bit, someone's been hydrating properly! This tier gives you access to:
  • All previous tier rewards.
  • Free access to all my paid games.
  • Extra fancy "Sapling" role on my Discord server! Show your fanciness with a cool tag and exclusive color.
Includes Discord benefits

Starry oak

reward item
per month
You're all grown up! Your bark is tough and your leaves shine with a sky-like glow. This tier gives you access to:
  • All previous tier rewards.
  • The "Star oak" role in the Lost Myth Discord server!
  • You will be included in the credits of any games I make.
Includes Discord benefits




per month


Hi there!! I'm Emi, a game developer, artist and coder. If you like my work, you can pledge to help me make more of it and get some nice rewards as a thank you! Hope you stick around!

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