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Thank you! Everything helps, and your support is so valued. For as little as $1 you'll gain access to my Patreon blog, videos and any art-in-progress updates not available on my public pages. This will include Tarot insights, weekly readings, poetry and all kinds of extra titbits related to whatever I'm creating!
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About Emily Carding

Hi, I'm Emily Carding, actor, artist and author. I've come to Patreon to prove that nothing is impossible, that as a single mother I can make a living from my art…but I need *your* help. If you know my previous work you'll know that I am the author of Faery Craft and author/creator of the Transparent Tarot, The Transparent Oracle, the Tarot of the Sidhe and more. I am also an actor and theatre maker. My current production, Richard III (A One Woman Show) by Brite Theater has been touring internationally and winning awards and rave reviews. However this has been self-funded and is not sustainable long-term. You could help me fund touring the show and running workshops that show how Shakespeare can be accessible to everyone. We now have a new show, Hamlet (an experience) which is going to Edinburgh Fringe in August, again self-funded.

I've come through some difficult times over the last few years and that has been with the love and support of good friends. If you like my work or you simply want to support my existence then here is your chance! I will be sharing new artwork, writing, videos, Tarot insights and behind the scenes blogs, photos and videos whenever I am working in theatre or film. I am also open to suggestions from YOU…what would you like to see? Thank you <3
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One of the reasons I've been painting less since I moved is that I don't seem to be able to find a lot of the materials I need. I no longer have a studio and possibly have lost things in the move. Buying new materials means new art! Hooray for art!
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