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You'll receive a PDF of the hack or mod of the month in addition to a discount coupon for the final PDF in August-September 2016,  when the whole volume is released. Also, my deepest thanks and credit in the book.
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All the earlier rewards, the full text of a bonus hack or mod, plus sneak previews of other games in progress. My deepest thanks and credit in the book.




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Thanks to all who have supported the revision and expansion of the Romance Trilogy: Three Quick Games about the Human Heart!!!The hacks and mods are completed and the final volume will be released in August 2016.

A decade ago, I published my first role playing game, Breaking the Ice, about two characters who meet and (maybe!) fall in love. The game became the Romance Trilogy with Shooting the Moon, and the freeform larp Under my Skin. These were some of the earliest analog rpgs that focused on love, passion and relationships, and they've now been joined by wonderful games like It's ComplicatedMonsterheartsTales of the Fisherman's WifeKagematsuHot Guys Making OutGroup Date and many more. 

What a great time to celebrate, and revise the Romance Trilogy!

After running and playing the games for ten years, it's time to refine the texts, polish up the mechanics a bit, and put them all in one volume. The world has changed and these games need to keep evolving and growing. In this edition there will also be hacks, mods and sequels to the games. By supporting this Patreon, you'll have early access to new scenarios and new games to play, inspired by the originals. 

This Patreon Campaign ran  for nine months, through May 2016, after which the single-volume Romance Trilogy is scheduled to be released. One featured hack or mod was released during six months, with additional material and games available to Patrons. These will be included in the final volume. Each goal funded through all or some of the campaign make another stage of publishing possible. All supporters will get credit in the book, a discount on the final PDF and my eternal thanks!

Read the featured mods here on Medium:
Romance Trilogy Hacks & Mods on Medium

Descriptions of some of the hacks and mods....

For Breaking the Ice, SUN AND MOON, a creation myth game inspired by Breaking the Ice; SLASHING THE VEIL: "shipping" your favorite characters in the manner of fanfiction (inspired by Alexander Newman and Phredd Groves) 

For Shooting the Moon, STORY GAMES SEATTLE CUSTOM BLEND, a modified rules-set based on a community of play's philosophies and insights; VERSUS NATURE, competing to master the elements 

For Under my Skin, 'ERE CAMLANN, the classics loves and losses of Arthurian legend; NIGHT & DAY, a sequel game to Under my Skin, how lives shake down in the wake of romantic upheaval and change

See the full list and production schedule.
$191 of $250 per hack or mod
Working with journalist, game designer and author Lizzie Stark and Choice of Games writer and editor Rebecca Slitt, to revise and polish the text of the games. See Lizzie's coverage of game design, as well as her investigative writing and memoirs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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