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Henlo comrades! I’m Emily McGuire, and this here is my Patreon. I’m an illustrator-designer-photographer, musician, and student residing in coastal Florida.

I read, write, and draw things related to Social Ecology, Communalism, mental health, leftist politics, Rojava, & feminism. I am the proud parent of a small parrot named Apo Calrissian, and I have a Bookchin-themed Instagram account (@hotguyswriting).

If the term "Social Ecology" is new to you, here's a free illustrated pamphlet I made that will get you up to speed: t.co/B50b46kAb5

Why the heck Patreon?

I decided to make a Patreon when I realized that people in movement spaces genuinely find the things I make educational or inspiring. I recently noticed that a Social Ecology pamphlet (linked above) I’d made for school and distributed for free suddenly had hundreds of copies floating around Seattle and the UK, among other places. Seeing people embrace my art--from Seattle DSA members to social ecologists at Cambridge--made me want to make more. Making more art however, takes time. Under capitalism, time is indeed money.

I also noticed how regional movements among the Left (mostly the Libertarian Left) were engaging my material. I wrote an essay, months earlier, about connecting local movements regionally and nationally, and building dual power in this way. Seeing all of these groups (who *sometimes* disagree) engaging the pamphlet gave me a glimpse of what that wider network could look like.

On the international front, I’ve gotten at least 5 separate inquiries about translating the Social Ecology pamphlet into various languages (German, Kurdish, Persian, Spanish…). Patreon will help me make time to collaborate with translators on several labor-intensive redesigns of the pamphlet. This will be quite an undertaking, as much of the work is hand-drawn; but it will be beyond worth it!

I also make stickers, pins, and prints of my art! A movement without art wouldn’t be utopian, now would it? I’d love to have time to create more, the resources to distribute more widely, and opportunities to share my techniques and thoughts with a community! I sell my agitprop on Etsy, but due to the money I put into art supplies, printing, and shipping, I only make a few bucks per print. Patreon is a way for me to create enough stable income to support my craft & research.


I have a new pamphlet on the Kurdish Freedom Movement/Rojava that I’d love to release (for free!) as well, but it’s been a slow process to finish designing it. Between work (I work remotely for a math tutoring company), caring for loved ones, and other responsibilities, in-depth research and designing lengthy documents can be grueling. I have unique life circumstances, financial struggles, and mental health challenges (sensory processing problems!) that make this work particularly tough without extra support.

That’s where you come in! 

Why Patreon is Good for Emily.

  1. I’ll be able to spend TIME making things that actually benefit people!
  2. Making art regularly does WONDERS for my mental health. I have some sensory processing issues and art is the missing link in all of that. This will enable me to make things regularly.
  3. This is an opportunity to create some community. I live in a small retirement town in the red part of Florida. People with similar interests--let alone people interested in organizing--are hard to come by.
  4. Patreon can help me do what I love without having to work in marketing as a designer, creating visuals devoid of meaning. This will allow me to not feel gross about the things I make.
  5. Having some monthly support from patron-comrades will help reduce the pressure and precariousness of the “gig” life artists are often confined to.
  6. I’ll be less fraught with worry over basic necessities like: paying rent! purchasing food! school tuition! maybe if I get enough patrons I can go to the doctor. *laughing while crying*
Why Patreon is Good for Emily’s Comrades:

  1. Instead of having to check with me to get a copy of a new zine/pamphlet, you’ll be the first to get it. You'll receive the download link before all the normies.
  2. For some tiers, I’ll share an inside look into my research and creative processes, so you can build your own arsenal of art techniques (analog & digital)! I use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Capture to manipulate my drawings and lettering. I’ll show you stuff!
  3. When I find fascinating new sources—books, podcasts, academics, journalism—I’ll share those, as I go.
  4. Vote on stuff! We can all make decisions together like in Rojava! Because representative democracy is no fun.
  5. Collaboration! We can make stuff together & share ideas.
  6. You can receive high quality print copies of my art. Access new work that isn’t on Etsy. Stickers, prints, digital downloads, buttons, etc.
  7. Fuller, more dynamic and well-researched pamphlets (since I’ll hopefully have more time to devote to those, rather than frantically selling my hourly labor to survive).
  8. I’ll share some of my own analysis & ~thoughts~ through video and/or podcast media for some tiers. I’ll share resources, in-process art, DIY how-to stuff, & analysis pertaining to Social Ecology, the Left, anarchism, the working class, feminism, democracy in the Middle East, etc.
I'm thrilled to see where this goes and what we can create together.

<3 Emily
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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