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Hello Friends! 

I'm Emma Rosa Went, a theatre director/maker-person who creates things with Shakespeare and other classic texts, with playwrights and brand-new texts, and (once in a while!) with other weirdos and no texts at all. I care deeply about the audience and their experience; I want to welcome you into the theatre with something that lets you know you are valued, and that whatever we've made is a gift to you. I love to put music in plays, I think about queerness a lot in plays, I try to let women-identified folks do more and be more than they might usually get to do and be in plays. I am passionate about ensembles, and about actively using all the imaginations in the room to make the thing together. I like being a theatre team-captain, but mostly I like being on a team.

I am a co-founder of a new-work development ensemble called The Renovationists with my partner, playwright Else C. Went. Our unofficial slogan is "queering the canon," so you get where we're coming from. We make expansive, lyrical, big, sad, American plays set in places like trains, lighthouses, forests, and small towns, and we have concocted these things in places like The Tank, Barn Arts Collective, Playwrights Realm, Trans Lab at WP, Shetler Studios, and all kinds of living rooms and coffee shops. I also do a lot of directing of Shakespeare and other new plays around town with other companies/folks, and also have assisted many terrific folks off-broadway or in the regional theatre, and you can learn all about that stuff at my website.

I have been very busy directing all throughout 2019, which is why I'm here checking out Patreon. As we all know, art-making in this country is not a lucrative business, and is not set up to make artists lives easier. I am tentatively wiggling my antennae out into the world in search of greater support from my community right now because I have a *LOT* going on, absolutely all of which I'm thrilled about, but all of which leaves me with a cash-flow problem. Plainly speaking-- I am too busy making art to have a regular survival job, and my art is not lucrative enough to support me completely. This leaves me in a bind many artists are familiar with, and any support that you give me will directly help to pay my bills, feed me, and keep me from existential crises on the train. You will sincerely be giving me the ultimate gift: time to do my work without guilt, without fear.

Where in the World is Emma Went: I am a 2019 fellow at Town Stages in Tribeca, and a First Stage Resident at The Drama League, where I just created this insane Beckett-parody-clown-show-buddy-comedy-monstrosity with Julia Larsen and Olivia Rose Barresi, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of that. I also just got back from directing Richard III at the Scranton Shakespeare Festival in PA, where it was my second season, and I'm so grateful to the folks that have patronized me so far and helped make that work (and all the other work I've been up to this year) possible. <3 

BIG LOVE AND THANKS for being part of the journey, if you choose to be! 

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