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* I sometimes also make an additional shorter post during the week but this doesn't have any regularity or a schedule, and is not guaranteed. These are most often short (usually at least under 1000 words). 

There is an index of my stories available here: https://emmasstorycorner.wordpress.com/patreon-stories-index/
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About Emma X

I write adult F/F spanking fiction, usually with a disciplinary theme. I also write about tickling, and this is included in many of my stories. 

Wordpress Blog: I have a wordpress blog here where I publish many of my stories online for people to read for free. If you like my writing and want more from me, I intend to begin updating my patreon with new stories, series, companion pieces to go with the writing from my blog, or anything else I think of, write, and post on here!

Some info about this Patreon:

Posting Frequency: I currently post once a week, most often on a Sunday afternoon or evening. 

Content Type: My posts will be mostly spanking discipline stories, and may include tickling. My stories frequently also contain descriptions of other discipline techniques such as mouth soaping, corner time, and writing lines. 

If you subscribe, I of course hope you will enjoy my posts, but please be aware I tend to write what I enjoy, and what takes my mood at the time of writing.

If you have enjoyed my wordpress blog stories, then it is my belief you will likely enjoy what I post here. 

Post Length: My stories/chapters may vary greatly in length, and range anything from about 500 words up to several thousand. However, I have found that recently, I seem to be writing about 2k words on average per chapter/story/post (which is about 4ish word-doc pages). There are no guarantees on my post lengths though. 

Wordpress vs Patreon: I do intend to keep my series on wordpress and patreon separate. ie. I will not typically post a chapter on wordpress and then the next part of the same story to my patreon. If a story is in series, it will either be entirely on wordpress or entirely on patreon, so you shouldn't need to subscribe to continue reading a series you're already into. 

I plan to keep an index of my patreon stories on a wordpress page, listing and linking to them, to help people read in order, etc. 

Content Disclaimer: My stories are entirely fictional, and feature adults (at least 18+ and rarely under mid 20s). I believe spanking in reality is an activity that should only take place between enthusiastically consenting adults who are aware of any risks involved in any kink activity they are doing, after negotiation, with knowledge of each other's limits, and with safe words in place.

My views (on spanking or any other topic) do not necessarily align with those of my characters and my stories should never be taken to be a reflection of how I necessarily believe any real-life dynamic should play out. That said, I do have a preference for writing stories with a consensual nonconsent dynamic, between characters who have a shared affection for each other, either in a close platonic or romantic relationship.

Writing Disclaimer: At this current time, I have no plans to cross-post my patreon content elsewhere. However, this is my own writing and I cannot know what I may decide to do with it, or where I may choose to display or show it at a later date. 

20 - reached! patrons
If I reach this goal of 20 patrons, I will post a story every day for 5 consecutive days.

Details 'cause I like details: This may be a mix of short stories and longer length stories/chapters. If it's a day I would normally have posted on anyway, this will count as my post (ie. I won't then post twice in the same day). I will then resume my regular posting pattern. 

(This goal is complete and I have made my 5 daily posts 29th Oct - 2nd Nov)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts

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